What is a nickname for moonshine?

Including hooch, white lightning, mountain dew, and moonshine whiskey.

What is moonshine in slang?

Moonshine is a type of homemade alcoholic drink. It is made with a high-proof alcohol, such as vodka, and has a very high alcohol content.

What’s slang for alcoholic?


What is a heavy drinker called?

A person who drinks a lot of alcohol may be called an alcoholic.

What do you call a girl who drinks too much?

A girl who drinks too much is called an alcoholic.

What do you call someone who is drunk?

A drunk person is typically called an alcoholic or a drunkard.

What’s another word for drinking alcohol?

liquor, alcohol, booze

What is British slang for drunk?

The slang term for drunk in Britain is “pissed.”

What is opposite of whiskey?


What is Moonlight called?

Moonlight is called “Moonlight Sonata”

What God is the moon?

There is no god of the moon.

What is the meaning of Moonchild?

Moonchild can refer to someone who is emotionally open and vulnerable, someone who is creative and imaginative, or someone who is connected to the natural cycles of the moon.

What is a moonlit night?

A moonlit night is a night with full or partial moonlight.

How do you describe moonlight in creative writing?

The moonlight cascaded down upon the forest, creating an eerie and enchanting atmosphere. The silver light filtered through the trees, casting long shadows across the ground. The air was thick with the scent of pine and the sound of owls hooting in the distance.

Does hooch mean alcohol?

Hooch is a slang term for alcohol.

Why is moonshine called hooch?

Moonshine is called hooch because it is a type of alcohol that is made illegally.

What kind of alcohol is hooch?

Hooch is an alcoholic beverage. It can be made from any type of alcohol, but is usually made from moonshine or vodka.

How is hooch made in jail?

Hooch is typically made in jail using a plastic water bottle and a combination of fruit, sugar, and yeast.

Should I pour off the hooch?

Zahidta’s answer:

If your goal is to produce the highest-quality finished product, you should pour off the hooch. The alcohol in the hooch can adversely affect the flavor of your finished product.

Is sourdough hooch drinkable?

Yes, the hooch produced during the sourdough fermentation process is safe to drink. However, some people may find the taste unpalatable.

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