What is an example of optimum temperature?

An example of optimum temperature is the temperature that is just warm enough to be comfortable but not too hot.

How is optimum temperature determined?

It varies depending on the situation, but generally speaking, the optimum temperature is the temperature at which the desired reaction or process occurs most rapidly.

Do enzymes work at 37 degrees?

Most enzymes will continue to work at 37 degrees, but will work more slowly as the temperature increases.

Why did the enzyme catalase work at 37 C?

37 C is the optimal temperature for many enzymes. At this temperature, the enzymes are able to move around quickly and easily find their substrates. Catalase is an enzymes that helps to break down hydrogen peroxide, a substance that can be harmful to cells.

What temperature is most optimal for most enzymes?

Optimal temperature for most enzymes is 37 degrees celsius, which is body temperature.

Why does catalase work at room temperature?

Most enzymes work best at moderate temperatures and pH levels. For example, the enzyme pepsin, which helps digest protein in the stomach, works best in an environment with a pH of 2.0. The optimal temperature for pepsin is around 37°C, which is close to body temperature.

Catalase is a bit different in that it is active over a wide range of temperatures, from 0°C to over 100°C. It is also active in a wide range of pH levels, from 4.0 to 11.0. This makes catalase a very stable enzyme.

Which enzyme works in a low pH environment with a temperature of approximately 37 C?


Why should the enzymes then be placed in the freezer?

When enzymes are placed in the freezer, they are able to last longer and stay active for a longer period of time. By keeping enzymes in the freezer, it allows for them to be used when needed without having to worry about them expiring or becoming inactive.

How does temperature affect enzyme activity?

Temperature affects enzyme activity in that enzymes denature at high temperatures.

What does optimum mean in biology?

The optimum is the most favorable environmental condition for an organism to survive and reproduce.

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