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What is BTS lucky number?

The lucky number for BTS is 8. This is based on the Korean pronunciation of the word for the number based on the Chinese interpretation of the number, which is “baes,” which is the same pronunciation used for the word for “rich” or “wealthy.

” BTS have embraced the concept of their lucky number representing wealth and the idea that they will become successful, citing the number 8 as a symbol of their goals. This number is often referenced in posts from the BTS members and has been used in the titles of some of their songs, including “Dope” and ” Fire.

” They consider the number 8 to be their magical number since it also celebrates their eight members.

What is Jimin most favorite color?

Jimin’s most favorite color is purple. He has talked about his affinity for the color often and has even spoken about how he loves the color because of its calming and mystical vibes. He has even gone as far to say that he believes that purple has a special ability to bring out a person’s unique characteristics.

He has chosen to wear the color often, and many of his most iconic outfits feature at least some hints of purple. In addition, Jimin often wears purple contact lenses as well, which has helped to make the color an even more important part of his identity.

What colors does Jimin like?

Jimin has stated that he likes a lot of different colors, but his favorite color is lavender. He has even gone as far to call it “his flower” in interviews. In addition to lavender, Jimin has spoken fondly of blue, black, white, green, pink, and purple.

He has even mentioned a few unique hues from time to time, such as mint or salmon. He often includes multiple colors in his outfits and favors pastel palettes when styling himself for performances.

Who is a crush of V?

V’s crush is a bit of a mystery as he doesn’t share much about his personal life. He’s been linked to a few celebrities, but never confirmed any of the rumors. V has also been in several relationships over the years, but who he currently has a crush on remains unknown.

It’s possible that V’s crush is someone out of the public eye, as he tends to keep his personal life private. In any case, whoever they are, they are very lucky to have such an incredible person crushing on them.

How do I contact BTS?

The easiest way is to reach out via their official social media accounts, which are active and monitored. BTS has an official Twitter account (@bts_bighit), an official V LIVE account, and an official Instagram account (@bts.


If you prefer to contact BTS directly, you can email their label, Big Hit Entertainment, at fancafe@bighit. com. Depending on the nature of your inquiry, you can also contact the company’s artist management division at info@bighitent.


For general inquiries and fan letters, you can also send Snail Mail directly to the Big Hit Entertainment address in Seoul, South Korea:

Big Hit Entertainment

56-31 Seoul Gangnam-gu Cheongdam-dong


Seoul, South Korea

Zip code: 135957

Phone: +82-2-6944-1350

What does Jimin’s 13 tattoo mean?

Jimin, from the popular k-pop group BTS, has thirteen tattoos on his body that are all meaningful to him. His most noticeable one is the number 13 tattooed on his right wrist. The number 13 has special meaning for Jimin, as it is his lucky number and the day he debuted with BTS.

He often wears wristbands with the number 13 on it and sometimes incorporates it into his performances.

Jimin’s other tattoos, like the ones on his collarbone, shoulder, arms, and back, represent different things in his life. He has a matching cloud and sun tattoo with fellow group member V on his shoulder, which is to symbolize their journey as friends and collaborations within BTS.

He also has a tattoo of a plane on his arm, which symbolizes his dreams of traveling to all the places he has wanted to explore. The anchor tattoo he has near his elbow is a reminder for him to stay grounded and never forget his roots.

Another one he has is a black rose on his side, which he said symbolizes a protest of the wrongs in the world.

Jimin’s tattoos hold a lot of meaning to him. They remind him of his journey through life and all the important things he wants to remember as he continues to pursue his dreams.

Why is Jimin 13 special?

Jimin 13, or Jimin Thirteen, is a special event organized by Jimin to celebrate his 13th anniversary since debuting as a member of the popular South Korean group BTS. The event was meant to express the group’s gratitude to all of the fans who have supported them over the past 13 years.

As part of the event, Jimin released a special song titled “Filter” and pledged to donate part of his profits to UNICEF, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children around the world. He also held a live broadcast with the other members of BTS, sharing stories, memories, and words of gratitude to their fans.

Jimin 13 is a special event not just because of the money donated to charity, but because of its meaning to Jimin and the BTS members. It is a reminder of the group’s accomplishments and the bond between them and their fans.

It was also a way for Jimin to share his appreciation for the fans, who have supported them since their humble beginnings and will continue to do so for years to come.

What phones does BTS use?

The members of the K-Pop band BTS have been known to use a variety of different smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. For example, Jungkook has been seen using an iPhone 7, while V and Suga have both been spotted with Samsung Galaxy Note 8s.

RM and Jimin have both used Huawei P9s, J-Hope has used OnePlus 6s, and Jin was seen with a Nokia 5. 1 Plus. It’s likely that each member has switched to a different phone model since then. BTS may also use other mobile devices such as iPads, as they’re known to have regular video calls with one another as well as with their fans.

What does Jungkook call Jimin?

Jungkook often refers to Jimin as “Min-ah” — it’s a loving nickname that pays homage to his real name, Park Ji-min. The two have been best friends since their rookie days in BTS and have been inseparable ever since.

Jungkook also calls Jimin “Hyung”, an affectionate Korean term for an older brother, as Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS. Jungkook has publicly said that Jimin is like a brother to him, even calling him his “mentor” after Jimin helped him adjust to life in the group.

In many BTS group photos, the two can be seen standing next to each other, often with their arms around each other. From their close bond, it’s obvious that Jungkook cherishes their friendship and cares deeply for Jimin.

Where is Jimin house?

Jimin’s house is located in South Korea. It is in the city of Busan, which is located in the southeastern part of the country. Although there are few details openly known about his house, it has been speculated that he lives in a luxurious high-end apartment in the upscale neighborhood of Haeundae.

The exact address of Jimin’s house is not publicly known, however.