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What is Levi ideal type?

Levi’s ideal type is a person who is not only physically attractive but also kind and confident. He likes someone who is bubbly and has a sense of humor, and is also maybe a bit on the shy side. He’s attracted to someone who is passionate and driven, someone who can hold their own but won’t overstep their boundaries.

He likes someone who is hardworking and loyal, someone who is honest, who he can trust and who isn’t afraid to express themselves. He likes someone who isn’t afraid to take initiative and show him they care.

Levi wants someone who he can have a real connection with, both emotionally and intellectually, so someone who can keep up with his conversations, who can challenge him and who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

Lastly, Levi values good hygiene, so someone who takes care of themselves and looks presentable is important to him.

Who had crush on Levi?

In the manga and anime series “Attack on Titan” there were a few characters who had a crush on Levi. The main characters that had a special place in their heart for Levi were probably Petra Ral and Furlan Church.

Petra had a strong admiration for Levi, enough to risk her own life and those of her friends in order to protect him. She had the utmost respect for him and was willing to do whatever it took to assist him in his mission.

Furlan was a bit less open with his feelings for Levi and mostly expressed his admiration through ‘secret’ looks and subtle hints and gestures. However, his feelings for Levi were still very real. He expressed his wish to die fighting side by side with Levi and on multiple occasions showed Levi his gratitude in his own quiet, reserved way.

Aside from the main two, there were also other characters such as Henning, the female Tybur knight, and Isabel, who also expressed their admiration for Levi in the series.

Overall, it’s clear that Levi was a figure that many characters in the series admired and respected, two of them being Petra and Furlan who had a crush on him.

Who is Captain Levi’s girlfriend?

Captain Levi’s girlfriend is not explicitly stated in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan. However, some fans of the series have speculated that Captain Levi could have a romantic interest in his squadmate and fellow soldier, Isabel Magnolia.

This speculation is based on the evidence that exists in the manga and anime, including the fact that Isabel deeply cares for the captain and their interactions throughout the series often suggest a mutual fondness for one another.

Additionally, Levi was depicted as being concerned for Isabel’s safety on multiple occasions, which could imply a potential romantic interest. Despite this speculation, however, it is ultimately unknown if Captain Levi and Isabel are or ever were in a romantic relationship.

Did Petra have feelings for Levi?

It is difficult to say definitively whether or not Petra had feelings for Levi, as she never explicitly states it in the story. However, it is clear that there is a certain level of admiration for him and respect for his character.

We see this when Petra seeks out and initiates a conversation with him and even goes out of her way to visit him in jail. Additionally, the storyline involving her letter to him during his trial gives further indication that she may have strong feelings for him.

Furthermore, once he is released, she goes to great lengths to make sure that he is safe and comfortable in her home. Overall, while it’s impossible to know for sure, it seems likely that Petra had some level of romantic feelings for Levi.

Who is Eren marrying?

Eren is marrying Historia Reiss, who is the true ruler of the Walls in the world of Attack on Titan. Historia is also the first queen to be crowned in over one hundred years. She was adopted by the Reiss family after they found her as a baby during a scouting mission outside the walls.

Historia is a kind, caring, and brave individual who worked hard to prove herself worthy of being queen. She understands the burden of being in a powerful position and is determined to protect her people and make the world a better place.

She is also the one person who was able to protect the secret of Eren’s identity as the heir to the Reiss family. Despite this, Historia and Eren have grown close and eventually fall in love. They eventually make the decision to marry, despite the risk, to ensure the Reiss name is going to continue on to future generations.

Who is Eren’s crush?

Eren’s crush is Mikasa Ackerman, a fellow member of the Scout Regiment. They have known each other since they were children, when they were both rescued by Mikasa from human traffickers. Throughout the series, Eren and Mikasa develop a strong bond and deep feelings for one another, often showing physical signs of affection.

Eren is often protective of Mikasa, and always puts her safety and well-being above his own. Ultimately, it is heavily implied that they are in a romantic relationship together, although it is never stated outright.

Who is Levi’s true love?

Levi’s true love is a difficult question to answer, as his own feelings on the subject have changed over time. Initially, Levi seemed to have a strong love for Erwin Smith, his commander and mentor, and we can see evidence of this in the way he trusts, obeys, and looks up to him.

However, later on, his thoughts and feelings towards Erwin shift, and we see the emergence of a more deep, romantic love for his close friend, Hange Zoe. It is this relationship that Levi ultimately puts his trust, faith, and faithfulness into, and it is this relationship that ultimately supports Levi in his times of need and inspires him to fight for his beliefs.

Who is Petra pregnant with?

Petra is not currently pregnant.

Did Petra wanted to marry Levi?

It is not known whether Petra wanted to marry Levi or not. Petra and Levi had a complicated relationship throughout the third season of the Israeli drama series Fauda. Although at first, Levi had resisted any ties or commitments between himself and Petra, like any relationship there were moments of tension and even flirtation between the two.

In the final episode of the third season, Petra admitted to her friend that she wanted to marry Levi, but felt he was too stubborn and not ready for the commitment. After this, the two still held strong feelings for each other and talked about the possibility of getting married one day.

Ultimately, viewers never found out if Petra and Levi got married or not. At the end of the season it seemed that their relationship had been put on hold. It appears that the writers left the relationship unresolved, leaving the audience to speculate about Petra and Levi’s fate.

Who is Petra love interest?

Petra’s love interest is Rafael Solano, whom she married in the fourth season of the show. Rafael is the first love interest Petra has ever had, and they met while he was trying to save her hotel. Rafael is a major character in the series, and his storyline is heavily intertwined with Petra’s.

The two have had a tumultuous relationship throughout the show, struggling through several divorces and miscarriages, along with dealing with their families’ jealousy, including Rafael’s ex-wife, Luciana.

Fortunately, they eventually got back together and even welcomed twin girls into their lives. The two now appear to be happily married and devoted to one another, having finally reached a place of understanding.

Who does Petra Like in AOT?

Petra in Attack on Titan (also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin”) has many friends but there are also many characters that she has a romantic interest in. It seems that Petra’s primary romantic interest is Eren Yeager.

The two have a romantic relationship and they are often seen embracing and are shown to have a strong bond of trust. Along with Eren, Petra also shows romantic attraction to Armin Arlert in the manga.

Despite his protective tendencies over her, often worrying about her safety and presence in battle, she cares for him in a more than platonic way. In the anime series, Armin returns her feelings and the two are shown holding hands and blushing when close to one another.

It is possible that Petra also has some feelings for Mikasa Ackerman but this is mostly speculative and never confirmed.

Does Petra end up with someone?

At the end of the movie, it is unclear whether or not Petra ends up with someone. Throughout the movie, she is pursued by two different men, Theo and Franklin, each with his own unique traits. After a series of ups and downs, it is not revealed which of the two she chose in the end.

However, the implication is that, despite her interactions with both men, Petra is ultimately content with her own progress and is ok with making it through alone. Despite this, the audience is left with the idea that Petra is capable of being with someone and of being happy in a relationship, should she choose to pursue one.

What is Levi obsessed with?

Levi is obsessed with anime, manga, and Japanese culture. He loves discovering new shows, exploring their characters and stories, and following their development throughout the episodes. He loves creating his own fan art and encouraging friends to join in on his journey.

He also enjoys making YouTube videos about his favorite anime, participating in live chats about his favorite series, and attending events with members of the anime and manga community. He’s also passionate about trying out new Japanese dishes, learning more about the history and culture of Japan, and dressing in cosplay based on his favorite characters.

Who does Levi love the most?

Levi has quite a few people in his life that he loves deeply. It is hard to say who he loves the most, as the level of love he feels for them all is likely very similar. However, it is safe to say that Levi’s partner holds a special place in his heart, and he likely loves them the most out of anyone.

Though his partner may receive the most love from him, Levi loves his family and close friends with immense tenderness as well. His love for them is evident in the frequent conversations, visits, and time he spends with them.

All in all, Levi has a great many people in his life that he loves dearly, and it is impossible to say with certainty who he loves the most.

Is Levi asexual?

The answer to this question is not definitively known. While there are some who believe that Levi from the manga and anime series Attack On Titan could be asexual, this has not been confirmed. The series follows the story of several characters and Levi is one of them.

Though Levi is never explicitly referred to as asexual, some fans have speculated that this could be the case due to his overall lack of interest in romantic relationships and his focus being on other matters, such as completing his mission and protecting Eren and his comrades.

Additionally, fans have pointed out that Levi has never been shown to be interested in either men or women in any way.

However, until author Hajime Isayama or another official source confirm Levi’s asexuality, the speculation is mostly just that – speculation. While fans may theorize as to Levi’s asexuality, there is no definitive proof of it.

Furthermore, readers should also keep in mind that without being explicit about Levi’s sexuality, Isayama has still crafted an incredibly complex, multi-faceted character for whom we can all enjoy learning about.