What is liquor in pie and mash made of?

Liquor in pie and mash is made of a parsley and vinegar sauce.

What is traditionally served with pie and mash?

Liquor is a traditional sauce served with pie and mash. It is a thick, green sauce made from parsley, butter, and flour.

What does liquor taste like with pie and mash?

However, some people might say that the combination of sweet and savory flavors can create an enjoyable and unique taste.

What is cockney liquor?

Cockney liquor is a term for spirits or alcohol.

What beverage goes well with pie?


Do you eat pie and mash with a spoon?

A spoon can be used to eat pie and mash, but many people prefer to use a fork.

Which liquor is the most popular?

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, vodka is the most popular distilled spirit in the United States.

Can liqueur get you drunk?

Yes, liqueurs can get you drunk.

Why is pie and mash liquor called liquor?

The term “liquor” in this context refers to the gravy or sauce that is traditionally served with pie and mash.

How do you eat pie mash and liquor?

It is traditionally served with a dish of mashed potatoes, stewed eels, and a thick gravy.

Is pie and mash healthy?

No, pie and mash is not particularly healthy. It is a comfort food typically made with white potatoes, salt, butter, and beef or pork in a gravy.

Can you reheat apple pie twice?

You can reheat apple pie twice, as long as you take proper precautions.

When reheating apple pie, be sure to wrap it in foil or place it in a covered dish. This will help to keep the crust from drying out.

Additionally, be sure to reheat the pie until it is just warm. Overheating can cause the filling to become overly mushy.

Can apple pie be microwaved?

While you can technically microwave apple pie, we do not recommend it. The crust will become soggy, the apples will become overcooked, and the overall flavor and texture will be compromised.

Why are there eels in pie and mash?

There are eels in pie and mash because they are a traditional ingredient in this dish. Eels have a long history in British cuisine, and they are still popular today. Many people believe that eels are a healthy food because they are high in protein and low in fat.

Where does pie and liquor come from?

As the origin of pie and liquor varies depending on the specific dish. However, some believe that the combination of pie and liquor may have originated in England, as the two foods were often served together during festive occasions.

Is eel pie a real thing?

Yes, eel pie is a real dish. It is a traditional English dish that is typically made with smoked eel, mashed potatoes, cream, and herbs.

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