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What is the most Hulk can lift?

Hulk is one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe, and it is estimated that he can lift up to 100 tons. However, this limit is arbitrary, as there is some debate as to what is truly the maximum weight the Hulk is capable of lifting.

Some believe the Hulk has even greater strength, capable of lifting up to 110 tons or more. In the massive Marvel “Secret Wars” storyline, a story arc which brought multiple heroes and villains from different worlds together, Hulk was seen to lift a mountain, further solidifying his potential strength.

So while there is an unofficial limit of 100 tons, it is entirely possible that the Hulk is capable of lifting far greater weights.

How strong is Hulk at his strongest?

At his strongest, Hulk is arguably the strongest being in the Marvel Universe. He exhibits superhuman strength of an immense and incalculable degree, and is capable of tremendous feats of strength, such as lifting entire mountains and creating shockwaves by clapping his hands.

He is also highly resistant to injury, and has been known to shrug off blows from gods, robots and even other super-beings. His strength is also believed to increase when he becomes angry, and he has been known to break through structures as thick as an entire building in order to escape.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to put a definitive number on exactly how strong Hulk is, as it is dependent on his mood and environmental factors. However, it is widely accepted that at his strongest, his physical strength is unmatched within the Marvel Universe.

What is the strongest that the Hulk has ever gotten?

The strongest that the Hulk has ever gotten is a source of a lot of debate and speculation. As his strength has seemingly been inconsistent over the years. Each gamma-irradiated transformation has been different from the last, giving him varying levels of strength.

However, it is generally accepted that Hulk’s strength is drawn from rage and emotion, and is therefore limitless. During the Los Vegas World War Hulk story arc, The Hulk reached an alpha level, signifying he had unleashed an unexplainable power of cosmic might, leaving even The Silver Surfer, Galactus, and the sentinel of the galaxy itself, the Gamera, in awe.

His strength seemed to reach its height in this story arc, with his strength allowing him to super jump immense distances in seconds, accelerating faster than a bullet and able to lift planets and entire moons with the slightest effort.

During “Old Man Logan” he was later portrayed with talking planets (representing his power) seen orbiting his hands, as he flung them around in the atmosphere like firecrackers. In many cases, it was explained that the hulk is at his strongest when he is mad.

Is Hulk the physically strongest?

No, Hulk is not the physically strongest Marvel character. In fact, there are several other superheroes who have superior strength. For instance, The Beyonder, who is an omnipotent being, is many times more powerful than Hulk.

The Mad Titan, Thanos, has a strength level that far exceeds Hulk’s. Additionally, Hercules is known to be the strongest Olympian god, making him physically stronger than Hulk. Similarly, characters like Legion and The Stranger also have significantly greater strength than the Hulk.

Despite all these characters having more power than him, the Hulk is still known for being one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.

What is Hulk’s weakest form?

Hulk’s weakest form can depend on the context and situation they find themselves in. Generally speaking, depending on which version of the Hulk is being discussed, Banner or the Savage, the weaker form can be different.

When referring to Hulk in the classic Avengers comic books version of Bruce Banner, or simply Banner, the weak form can refer to the classic version of the Hulk which is not powered by the Power Cosmic.

Without the Power Cosmic, Banner’s transformation into the Hulk is limited, therefore making him the weaker form of the two. Even in his weakened form, he still has incredible strength and the ability to regenerate.

When discussing the Savage Hulk, it can be argued that in his weaker form he is more vulnerable when manipulated by his emotions; this makes him an easy target for mind control and manipulation. This “Savage Hulk” has been seen in various comic books, TV shows and movies; this form of the Hulk is a product of the merging of Banner’s mind and the personas of various other superheroes such as Thor, Iron Man and the Wasp.

Overall, Hulk’s weakest form is ultimately subjective. When speaking about the classic version of the Hulk, Banner’s form is considered to be the weaker form without the Power Cosmic, whereas the Savage form of the Hulk has often been seen to be weaker when manipulated by emotions.

Who heals faster Wolverine or Hulk?

It is difficult to definitively answer the question of who heals faster between Wolverine and the Hulk, as there have been instances where individuals or entities have prevented or delayed either character’s healing abilities.

However, in most cases, Wolverine appears to heal faster than the Hulk. Wolverine has the ability to heal himself from any injury, no matter how severe, and can do so in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Additionally, his healing ability is able to repair tissue damage and missing body parts in a shorter amount of time than the Hulk’s. The Hulk, however, has a natural healing ability of his own that allows him to heal from any injury, but it typically takes him longer than Wolverine’s powers.

Therefore, Wolverine generally heals faster than the Hulk; however, certain factors such as access to physical or mystical powers may cause one or the other to heal at an accelerated rate.

Is Hulk truly immortal?

No, Hulk is not truly immortal. He does possess incredible regenerative abilities, making him seemingly immortal in the comic books, but he is actually not immortal. He can be injured and killed, although the extent of the damage varies depending on the character’s strength, rage level, and other factors.

He is invulnerable to lesser types of damage and can even heal himself from more severe injuries, but nothing truly makes him immortal. He can also be affected by poisons, gas, and radiation, though again, the extents of these effects vary.

Despite this, his regenerative powers make him incredibly difficult to kill, meaning he can often survive events that would be fatal to other characters, and that is why he is seen as timeless and “immortal”.

Is IMMORTAL HULK the strongest version?

No, IMMORTAL HULK is not the strongest version of the Marvel superhero. While he certainly has an impressive strength level, there are versions of Hulk that have superhuman strength levels that surpass that of IMMORTAL HULK.

For instance, World Breaker Hulk, which debuted in The World War Hulk storyline, was said to be the strongest version of Hulk ever, with an estimated class 100 strength level. Additionally, Professor Hulk, who first appeared in the storyline “The Pantheon Saga,” is said to be the most powerful version of Hulk, and he has a class 90 strength level.

Finally, Devil Hulk, a version of Hulk seen in The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect storyline, is also extremely powerful and has a class 100 strength level. In short, while IMMORTAL HULK is incredibly strong and one of the most powerful Marvel superheroes, there are other versions of Hulk that have even greater strength levels.

Can IMMORTAL HULK be defeated?

Yes, IMMORTAL HULK can be defeated, although it is not easy. The IMMORTAL HULK is an incredibly powerful and resilient character, and to defeat him requires a great deal of strategy, ingenuity, and force.

It is not impossible for conventional weapons to hurt him, and like any hero, his weaknesses can be used against him to take him down. In addition, the IMMORTAL HULK’s power also has a limit, and if he reaches his peak, his emotional state can become vulnerable and he might be more susceptible to defeat.

Depending on the situation, magical weapons, superhuman strength, technological weapons, and Chi manipulation might also be useful in defeating the IMMORTAL HULK. Thus, while it is not easy to defeat him, it is certainly possible with a properly crafted strategy.

What is Hulk’s strength level?

Hulk’s strength level is virtually limitless. It is a constantly changing force that fluctates depending on his emotional state. When Bruce Banner transforms into The Hulk, his physical strength increases exponentially.

The exact strength potential of The Hulk has never been determined but has been speculated that he could possibly be the strongest living creature on the planet, with an ability to lift an unbelievable amount of weight.

Reports indicate that The Hulk may be one of the strongest beings in the entire Marvel universe, with an estimated amount of strength between 100 and 110 tons. This means he can carry the equivalent weight to an average-sized mountain or 2-3 thousand jumbo jets! It is also possible for him to increase his physical strength to incalculable levels when angry or enraged.

Due to The Hulk’s limitless strength, he has the power to go toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe including Galactus, Thanos, and even the Demiurge. He has also successfully defeated characters such as Loki, The Hulkbuster armor, and The Abomination.

In short, The Hulk’s strength level is virtually limitless, lending him to be one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe.

Can Hulk lift 150 billion tons?

No, the Hulk is not theoretically capable of lifting 150 billion tons. According to Marvel Comics, the Hulk is considered to be “the strongest one there is” and is capable of lifting a maximum of 100 tons with ease.

While it is possible that the Hulk may be able to lift more than this at his maximum strength, it is generally accepted that the Hulk’s upper limit is 100 tons and he is not capable of lifting 150 billion tons.

How many pounds can Hulk bench?

The exact number of pounds that the Hulk can bench press is unknown, as this is never directly stated or shown in any of his comic book or movie appearances. However, the Hulk has bench pressed incredibly heavy objects in the past, including large boulders, so it is safe to assume that he could bench an amount of weight far exceeding the maximum of even the strongest human lifters.

Estimates from experts in the field suggest that the Hulk could bench press anywhere from 100 to 10,000 tons, a remarkable feat given his relatively small stature. Ultimately, the true answer to this question is that the power of the Hulk’s bench press cannot precisely be measured and is limited only by his strength and perseverance.

How heavy can Spiderman lift?

Spiderman’s strength level varies depending on suit and the spider suit he uses, however it is estimated that he can lift approximately 10 tons (20,000 lbs). It is believed that this is the maximum amount of weight the suit can handle.

Spiderman is also able to use his superhuman strength to cling onto walls and ceilings, giving him greater agility and the ability to perform impressive feats never before seen.

How heavy is the Hulk in tons?

The exact weight of the Hulk is disputed by Marvel, but it is believed to be around 100-200 tons. This is because it is commonly accepted that the Hulk is virtually indestructible and can withstand an incredible amount of force.

Due to his immense strength, it is not surprising that his weight would be so disproportionate to a normal human’s size. Furthermore, in the Marvel comic books, he has been known to lift objects that weigh around 100 tons, further cementing the theory that he is around 100 tons.

Who can lift the most tons in Marvel?

The answer to who can lift the most tons in Marvel is The Hulk. While various incarnations of The Hulk tend to vary in strength and power, they are all incredibly strong, with the Savage Hulk capable of lifting over 100 tons and the World Breaker Hulk lifting as much as 2,000 tons.

During one arc, The Hulk managed to lift an entire mountain several hundred feet into the air, which suggests that he can lift upwards of 10,000 tons. Thus, The Hulk is by and large the strongest character in Marvel, capable of lifting far more than any other character.