What kind of beer is revolution?

Revolution is an American beer company that was founded in 1997.

Where is antihero beer made?

Antihero beer is made in England.

How many calories are in a revolution Anti Hero IPA?

There are 204 calories in a 12 oz bottle of Boulevard Anti Hero IPA.

What does anti hero taste like?

As the taste of an anti hero will vary depending on who the individual is and what their personal preferences are. However, in general, an anti hero may taste somewhat bitter or dark, as they are often complex and conflicted characters.

What percent is a blue moon?


Is Daisy Cutter an IPA?

No, Daisy Cutter is not an IPA.

What is the Chicago Revolution?

The Chicago Revolution is a YouthMovement that is fighting to end violence in Chicago. They are using art, music and media to spread their message and inspire others to join their fight.

What was colonial ale?

Colonial ale was a type of beer that was brewed in the American colonies during the 18th century. It was typically made with a combination of malt, hops, and water, and was often flavored with fruit or spices. Colonial ales were typically lower in alcohol content than their European counterparts, and were often consumed by people of all social classes.

What did beer taste like in the 1600s?

Historical records suggest that beer in the 1600s was sweet, due to the use of unfermented cane sugar as a brewing ingredient. It is also likely that the beer was less hoppy than modern beers, as hops were not widely used as a brewing ingredient until the late 1600s.

What is an anti-hero IPA?

An “anti-hero IPA” is a beer that does not fit the typical India pale ale profile. These beers are often lower in bitterness and have a maltier flavor.

What percent alcohol is Gumballhead?


What is the ABV of Alpha King?

The ABV of Alpha King is 6.7%.

What is Miller Light ABV?

It is 4.2%.

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