What liquor has worms?

Mezcal is a type of liquor that has worms.

Did Jose Cuervo ever have a worm in it?

While there are many urban legends about Jose Cuervo tequila containing a worm, the company has never put a worm in any of its products.

Does tequila has a worm?

Some brands of tequila do contain a worm, but not all. The worm is actually a caterpillar that lives on the agave plant. It is safe to consume and is believed to have medicinal properties.

What does the worm in Mezcal do to you?

There is no worm in Mezcal.

Do you chew the worm in mezcal?

Worms are not traditionally consumed with mezcal, although some brands may include a worm in the bottle for visual appeal.

Can mezcal make you hallucinate?

Yes, mezcal can make you hallucinations.

Is the tequila worm alive?

The tequila worm is not alive.

Do all mezcal have worms?

All mezcal does not have worms. Some brands will put a worm in the bottle as part of their marketing strategy, but it is not required.

What does an agave worm turn into?

The agave worm turns into a tequila-flavored treat.

Why do they put a scorpion in tequila?

Some believe that the scorpion’s venom has medicinal properties and can help ward off certain illnesses.

Is there a worm in alcohol?

There is no worm in alcohol.

What is the purpose of the worm in tequila?

Some people believe that the worm in tequila has medicinal properties and that it can help with digestive issues.

What whiskey has a worm in the bottle?

Quervo Especial

What alcohol has a scorpion in it?

There is no scorpion in alcohol.

What is a worm in distilling?

A worm is a coil of tubing that is used in some types of distilling systems. Worms are often used to help cool the distillate as it comes out of the still.

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