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What was the point of the faceless man?

The faceless man was an important plot device in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, made famous by the HBO show Game of Thrones. In the books, the faceless man is a mysterious, enigmatic figure known as Jaqen H’ghar, associated with a guild of assassins known as the Faceless Men.

While his true identity is never revealed, it seems that the Faceless Men’s mission is to remove powerful individuals who are causing harm or corruption. The Faceless Men believe that they serve a higher purpose, and that their mission is a sacred one.

Jaqen H’ghar serves as an example of this, as he is never seen without his iconic mask. His use of disguises and false identities also serves to highlight the idea that people can hide their true nature behind a facade, and that deception can be used to manipulate events.

Ultimately, the point of the faceless man is to represent the idea of mystery and secrecy, and to show how individuals can take on new identities to change their destiny.

Was Jaqen the many faced god?

No, Jaqen H’ghar is not the many-faced god. Jaqen is an individual character in the book series entitled A Song of Ice and Fire, and the TV series titled Game of Thrones. He is a member of the Faceless Men, an ancient guild of assassins responsible for killing targets in Braavos, a Free City located in the eastern continent of Essos.

Jaqen is a skilled assassin, as demonstrated by his ability to use magical disguises to infiltrate guarded locations. He is also capable of using a variety of weapons, including swords and poisons. Though Jaqen is a master at deception, he is not an actual deity, though some have speculated the character is based on the Many-Faced God of the Faith of the Seven, a religious figure in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Why was jaqen H Ghar happy when Arya left?

Jaqen H’ghar was happy when Arya left because she successfully completed her three tasks as a result of the pact she had made. When Arya first met him, he told her that if she wanted help getting back to her family, she would have to help him in return.

As part of their deal, Arya agreed to help him with three tasks, and she accomplished them all. By completing these tasks, Arya honored the pact and therefore made Jaqen H’ghar happy. Moreover, Jaqen H’ghar’s mission was to help others, specifically those who had little power and no other means of help or justice.

Even though Arya had now gained enough skills and knowledge to be able to help herself, he had played an integral role in her growth and transformation. Thus, by granting her wishes, Jaqen H’ghar felt fulfulled in his mission.

As a result, he was happy when Arya left.

Why did Jaqen let Arya leave?

Jaqen has a mysterious but strangely wise and compassionate nature, which may explain why he chose to let Arya go. His exact reasoning for his action is not made explicitly clear, however, it could be argued that he felt Arya had earned her freedom by showing great courage in protecting her identity and helping him in his mission to free the innocent while under the House of Black and White’s purview.

He may have seen a kindred spirit in Arya and wanted to give her the chance to pursue her own path. Additionally, Jaqen’s lack of attachment to Arya, having noted that he does not believe in her or her type of gods, may have been a factor in his decision, for he likely wanted the young girl to have the chance to find her place without the influence of any one particular religion.

Finally, he may have seen the potential for growth in Arya, believing that she would make something of herself in the real world, whatever that might be.

How do the Faceless Men decide who dies?

The Faceless Men are a guild of mysterious assassins in George R. R. Martin’s fantasy universe, and they employ a unique code of justice and morality to decide who lives and who dies. According to the principles of their religion of Many-Faced God, they believe that death is a merciful end to suffering, and they will only take a life if it is absolutely necessary.

They will often assess the individual’s life, in terms of the potential harm they may cause to others or the destruction they could potentially bring to the world, and come to an informed decision from there.

When tasked with a job, the Faceless Men will consult with each other, as well as their Many-Faced God, to ensure that the individual’s death is of benefit or at least of no detriment to the world. Additionally, when selecting a target, the Faceless Men will ensure that the individual is worthy of death and that the death itself will serve to bring balance to the world.

Social justice is also a priority for the Faceless Men, and they will take the life of a powerful individual if it is deemed necessary to bring justice to the oppressed.

Why did Jaqen change his face?

Jaqen changed his face because he was a Faceless Man, and they have the ability to change their physical appearance at will. This skill is believed to be granted to them by the many-faced God, which is an entity worshipped by the Faceless Men.

It is believed that the God grants the Faceless Men with the ability to become different people in order to carry out justice, which is why Jaqen acted as an assassin to fulfill his mission. In this way, Jaqen using his power to change his face shows his commitment to the Faceless Men’s cause and his allegiance to their beliefs.

What was the faceless man doing in Westeros?

The Faceless Men were a clandestine society of assassin-assassins in Westeros, who served the Many-Faced God. They served the Many-Faced God by killing those whom they considered to be in need of death, including traitors, criminals, and those whom the god felt should die.

The Faceless Men believed they were servants of death, and they carried out their tasks with utmost precision and ruthlessness.

The Faceless Men had a base of operations in Braavos and operated in the shadows all around Westeros, taking jobs from nobles and organized crime groups. They would take jobs to kill a person without leaving any trace, as well as to retrieve certain artifacts or to act as spies.

Most of their victims were not even aware of their existence until the moment of death.

The Faceless Men also trained in the House of Black and White, a temple in Braavos dedicated to the Many-Faced God. Here, their acolytes learned the art of infiltration and assassination, as well as the skills necessary to serve the Many-Faced God and do his bidding.

Overall, the Faceless Men were active in Westeros, where they were hired to carry out assassinations, or act as spies or assassins for other powerful figures. They remained mysterious and feared, with few knowing of their existence and very few surviving their encounter with them.

How long did Arya train as a faceless man?

Arya Stark spent the majority of Season 6 of HBO’s hit show ‘Game of Thrones’ training to become a Faceless Man at the House of Black and White in Braavos. In the show, training to become a Faceless Man is a long and rigorous process which took several weeks or months for Arya to complete.

During her training, Arya was tested by Jaqen H’ghar, one of the Faceless Men, and she was eventually accepted into the House. Arya was not formally initiated into becoming a Faceless Man, indicating that she was still in the process of learning the many secrets of their order.

However, it is likely that she spent several months to a year training to become a Faceless Man at the House of Black and White.

Do Faceless Men serve Red God?

No, the Faceless Men do not serve the Red God. The Faceless Men are a guild of assassins, serving their own mysterious, unknown purpose. They do not worship any gods, and particularly not the Red God.

In fact, the Faceless Men tend to stay out of the affairs of any gods, even going so far as to kill those who seek to invoke the power of any gods. This is why they are known to be very mysterious, as no one knows exactly what their purpose is.

Who are the eyes Arya shut forever?

Arya Stark is a character from the popular television series Game of Thrones, and she is known for her list of names of people she wants to kill. Throughout the series, Arya shut the eyes of several of those people forever.

The first person Arya shut the eyes of was Meryn Trant. In Season 5 of Game of Thrones, Arya tracked Trant to Braavos and sought her revenge by slowly killing him.

The next person Arya shut the eyes of was Walder Frey. In Season 6, Arya’s plans to avenge her family culminated in her infiltrating Walder Frey’s home and feeding him a pie made from his sons. Once he had finished eating, Arya revealed his sons’ fate to him and shut his eyes for good.

The final person Arya shut the eyes of was the Night King. In Season 8, Arya used her training from the Faceless Men to ambush the Night King and eventually kill him in the Battle of Winterfell.

Overall, Arya Stark shut the eyes of Meryn Trant, Walder Frey, and the Night King forever. Each death was an important step for Arya in achieving her ultimate goal of revenge against those who wronged her and her family.

Does Arya learn to change her face?

Yes, Arya Stark of the HBO show ‘Game of Thrones’ is a master of the Faceless Men’s arts, and is able to change her face. She learns the art of becoming ‘no one’ and changing her face while in Bravos, training at the House of Black and White.

By the end of her three-year apprenticeship, Arya has become so skilled in disguise and camouflage that she can choose any face and become that person. In season 6, Arya puts her skills to the test when she changes her face to become Walder Frey, murdering two of his sons in his own castle.

At the end of the series, Arya is seen donning a new mask, indicating that she has maintained her Faceless Men abilities.

Was Jaqen a Targaryen?

No, Jaqen was not a Targaryen. He was an assassin from Braavos who assisted Arya Stark on her journey. He begins as an unnamed prisoner from the Eastern continent of Essos, but is later revealed to be a skilled assassin who works for the Faceless Men of Braavos, a guild of mysterious and highly skilled assassins.

In the book series, Jaqen is described as having purple eyes and silver hair, different from the distinctive silver-blonde color associated with the Targaryen family. Although Jaqen is not a Targaryen, he does become an important figure in Arya’s life, helping her find her way, learn new skills, and grow as a person.

Why did Rhaenyra leave Kings Landing?

Rhaenyra Targaryen left Kings Landing after her father, King Viserys I, named her half-brother Aegon II as his chosen heir, even though she was the eldest of King Viserys’ children. This decision of his disrupted the traditional primogeniture succession that should have resulted in Rhaenyra’s crowning.

Furthermore, Rhaenyra’s stepmother Alicent Hightower had lobbied the king intensely to name the young Aegon, who was Alicent’s son. The decision left Rhaenyra fearful that it was a sign that her father may not protect her interests and her assumptions proved to be true when Aegon II declared a civil war between them for the throne known as the Dance of the Dragons.

Realizing that staying in King’s Landing put her in danger, Rhaenyra fled to Dragonstone where she found a stronghold for her supporters and began plotting her war for the Iron Throne. As the battle raged on, Rhaenyra declared herself Queen and refused to accept Aegon II as the rightful sovereign.

She refused to lose to him in battle and became the de facto leader of the loyalist faction of the Targaryen family. Rhaenyra’s actions led to her being known as the Realm’s Deliverer, or the True Queen.

Ultimately, despite her best efforts, Rhaenyra was not able to survive the war and died in captivity after being captured by forces loyal to Aegon II.

What happens to jaqen H Ghar in the books?

In George R. R. Martin’s book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, Jaqen H’ghar plays a major role. He is a Faceless Man of Braavos, a mysterious group of assassins who can change their faces at will. Jaqen is first encountered by the characters when they are brought to him as prisoners in the dungeons of King’s Landing.

When Arya Stark takes a outlandish gamble and claims three deaths in Jaqen’s name, he agrees to help her. He then gifts her a coin and explains that if she presents it in Braavos, she can find “a man with a certain face and use his name, Jaqen H’ghar”.

Jaqen eventually crosses paths with Arya again and reveals his true identity. He teaches her the Faceless Man’s skills and introduces her to the House of Black and White. When he leaves Braavos with Arya, she assumes his identity and masquerades as Jaqen for some time.

Later, in A Dance With Dragons, Jaqen meets with Arya under the persona of a merchant, and reveals that he has returned to Braavos to fulfill his contract with the Faceless Men. He then teaches Arya the skills needed to master her new identity as the false Jaqen H’ghar.

In the books, Jaqen remains a mysterious figure, his ultimate fate and purpose unclear. The events of A Dance With Dragons suggest that he may still be active in the service of the Faceless Men in Braavos, though it is unclear if he has returned to his original identity.