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What’s the Hawaiian word for kids?

The Hawaiian word for kids is keiki. Keiki is generally used to refer to young children, but can also be used to refer to people of any age who are in a junior position or position of inferiority. For example, a manager referring to their subordinates may refer to them as keiki.

Keiki can also be used in the context of a close-knit family, such as referring to another family’s children as their “keiki” to indicate that they are both connected and welcome in each other’s hearts.

What do Hawaiians call kids?

In Hawaii, kids are commonly referred to as “keiki. ” The term is usually used to refer to all children, regardless of age or gender. It is a term of endearment that comes from the Hawaiian language and culture, and is used by both locals and people of other ethnic backgrounds living in the islands.

It translates to “children” or “little ones,” and is often used to show love and affection towards young ones. In the Hawaiian language, keiki also denotes a future generation and is used to express hope for continued life and prosperity.

Because of the significance of the term and its cultural roots, many Hawaiian families choose to call their children “keiki” as a way to honor their heritage.

What do you call children in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, children are often affectionately referred to as ‘keiki’, which is a Hawaiian word for children and often used as a term of endearment. The word ‘keiki’ is derived from ‘keiki kaikamahine’, translated as ‘child of a woman’.

‘Keiki’ is also a term for a descendant, offspring or heir which often applies to many of the children in the Hawaiian Islands, who are often of mixed ancestry and deeply connected to their culture. In Hawaii, children are seen as sacred and precious, and are often referred to as ‘kamaaina’, translated as ‘the beloved children of the land’.

Does Kiki mean kid in Hawaiian?

No, “Kiki” does not mean “kid” in Hawaiian. “Kiki” is the Hawaiian word for “key”, “tick”, or “ticktock”. It is also the sound that is made when something is clicking, ticking, or tocking. The name “Kiki” is popular in some countries as a nickname for “Katherine” or “Kathleen”, but this is a modern usage of the name and is unrelated to the Hawaiian word.

In Hawaiian culture, “Kiki” is mainly used to talk about a key or a clock-like sound and rarely used as a proper name for people.

How do you say cute in Hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, the word for “cute” is “nani”. It can be used to describe something as small and attractive, or to refer to an endearing quality in someone. For example, someone might say “Ke nani nō kēia mea” which means “this thing is so cute”.

It can also be used to express admiration for someone or something, such as “E nani ʻoe” which means “you are so cute”. Nani is a versatile word that can be used to express a wide range of emotions, from admiration to joy.