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When did Maui Brewing Company start?

Maui Brewing Company was founded in 2005 by current CEO and President, Garrett Marrero and his wife Melanie Oxley. The original brewpub and production facility opened their doors on the Valley Isle of Maui, Hawaii in December 2005 and has since grown to be one of the top craft breweries in Hawaii, with distribution throughout the Hawaiian islands and the mainland United States.

Over the years, Maui Brewing Company has continually expanded its lineup of craft beers and currently produces over 20 beers ranging from light crisp lagers and classic styles to hop-forward IPAs and specialty ales.

Maui Brewing Company has also become well-known in the brewery industry for their commitment to sustainability and efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. From their solar-powered production facility to their use of recycled materials, MBC is dedicated to creating premium craft brews through mindful brewing and business practices.

Where is Maui beer brewed?

Maui Brewing Co. beer is brewed in Kihei, Hawaii on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The brewery was founded in 2005 to brew handcrafted beers that celebrate the craft beer culture and the diverse flavors of the Hawaiian Islands.

Maui Brewing Company produces a variety of award-winning beers, including pale ales, lagers, pilsners, IPAs, stouts, and sours, as well as a limited-edition seasonal selection. These beers are available in cans, bottles, and on tap in restaurants and bars throughout the country.

The brewery also operates three taprooms and two brewpubs in Hawaii, offering a great selection of craft beers, local fare, and activities for tourists and locals alike.

What is the most popular beer in Hawaii?

The most popular beer in Hawaii is Kona Brewing Company’s Longboard Island Lager. It is an American-style lager crafted in the Kona Brewery located on Hawaii’s Big Island. It is an award-winning beer that is crafted with locally sourced Cascade and Galaxy hops, two-row malted barley, lager and ale yeast.

It has a bright golden hue, with a smooth, clean finish and hints of tropical fruit, Orange Blossom Honey and light caramel malt. The Longboard Island Lager has a moderate ABV of 4. 6% and an IBU of 11 and is widely popular with the locals and tourists alike.

This beer is widely available across the Hawaiian Islands and can be found in bars, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores.

How many breweries are in Hawaii?

As the number of breweries in Hawaii seems to be constantly growing and changing. That being said, according to the Brewers Association, as of January 2021, there are currently at least 42 operating breweries in the state of Hawaii.

22 of these are located on Oahu, 12 on the Big Island, 5 on Maui, and 3 are located on Kauai. Additionally, there are numerous meaderies, cideries and wineries across the state that produce alcoholic beverages from local ingredients.

Does Maui have a brewery?

Yes, Maui has quite a few breweries! Popular ones include Maui Brewing Co. , Beer Lab HI, and Kohola Brewery. Maui Brewing Co. is Maui’s largest craft brewery and is located in Lahaina. They specialize in crafting Hawaiian-inspired beers.

Beer Lab HI is a nano craft brewery located in Kihei, where they offer a wide selection of unique beers and rotating taps. Kohola Brewery is located in Lahaina and features locally-brewed ales and lagers, with a focus on the Hawaiian culture.

They also serve a food menu featuring pub-style fare such as pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. Whether you’re looking for traditional lagers or small-batch sours, these breweries offer something for beer-lovers of all kinds.

Who owns Kona Brewing?

Kona Brewing is owned by Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. (CBA). CBA is a publicly traded company and the nation’s leading craft beer distributor and brewer. Kona Brewing is one of the founding members of CBA, having joined in 2010.

CBA is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and operates in over thirty U. S. states and Canada. Kona Brewing has been producing quality beers and operating brewpubs since 1994, when parent company Kona Brewing Company was founded in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Kona Brewing offers a unique portfolio of some of the most approachable and flavorful craft beers available in the market today. The company brews popular and award-winning libations like the Big Wave Golden Ale and Longboard Island Lager.

CBA owns, partners, and distributes some of the nation’s leading craft brands such as Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Cisco Brewers, and Redhook Brewery.

Can kids go to Maui Brewing?

No, children are not allowed to visit Maui Brewing. Maui Brewing is a 21+ establishment and does not accommodate minors. Families are welcome to visit other nearby craft breweries that are family-friendly such as Aloha Mixed Plate, Beach Bums, and Coconut Willy’s.

Additionally, many of Maui Brewing’s beers are distributed to restaurants, markets, and liquor stores across the US, so families can still enjoy the Maui Brewing products from home.

Is Maui Brewing gluten free?

No, Maui Brewing’s beer is unfortunately not gluten free. They offer many traditional beer styles that are brewed with barley, which does contain gluten. Additionally, Maui Brewing does not produce any gluten-free beers.

That being said, for those who are gluten-intolerant, Maui Brewing does make several other non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas and juice that are gluten-free.

Who started Maui brewing?

The Maui Brewing Company was started in 2005 by Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley in Lahaina, Hawaii. Marrero came to Hawaii from the San Francisco area to study film and immediately fell in love with the islands and its rich culture.

With no brewing experience, Marrero and Oxley dove headfirst into the beer world, starting with a seven-barrel brewhouse and a restaurant at Maui’s Lahaina Harbor.

Shortly after launching the company, Marrero and Oxley started brewing specialty seasonal beers and experimenting with unique ingredients that showcase island flavors and the spirit of Hawaiian culture.

By 2007, their passion and determination led to the formation of the Island-Style Lager, an award-winning beer that quickly became their flagship lager.

Since then, Maui Brewing Co. has grown to become one of the fastest-growing independent craft breweries in the country and is now Hawaii’s largest craft brewery. The brewery has expanded their beer portfolio over the years to include a variety of innovative ales, lagers, and specialty concoctions, with their core beers having a heavy Hawaiian influence.

The company produces over 15 styles of beer, which can be found in ten different US states and more than ten countries.

Where is Garrett Marrero from?

Garrett Marrero is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the co-founder and head brewmaster of Maui Brewing Co. According to their website, Marrero’s parents were avid homebrewers, inspiring him to follow in their footsteps at an early age.

He apprenticed under a microbrewer in Hawaii, then moved away to gain both formal and non-formal brewing education in California, Germany, and England. In 2005, Marrero opened Maui Brewing Co. , becoming the first commercial brewery in Hawaii since Prohibition.

The company has grown since then, expanding to multiple beers and earning multiple prestigious awards.

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