When did the British navy stop serving grog?

The British navy stopped serving grog in 1970.

What is Sailor grog?

Sailor grog is a drink composed of rum, water, and lime juice. It is traditionally served in a mug or cup along with a small cup of hot water.

What is grog and why did it give an advantage to the British navy?

Grog was a mixture of rum, water, and lime juice that was given to sailors in the British navy. Sailors were given this drink to prevent scurvy, which was caused by a lack of vitamin C. The lime juice in the grog helped to prevent scurvy and the rum helped to make the drink more palatable.

Why do they call it grog?

There are a few theories about the origins of the word “grog.” One is that it comes from the nickname of Vice Admiral Edward Vernon, who is credited with introducing the mixture of rum and water to his sailors. Another theory is that it comes from the French word for “small cup,” which was “grogue.”

Why do sailors drink grog?

The term “grog” comes from the British naval practice of adding rum to sailors’ distilled water ration. The ration was originally ½ a pint, and was later increased to 1 pint. The addition of rum helped to keep the water from spoilage and prevented scurvy.

What is another word for grog?


What is grog in Lord of the Rings?

In Lord of the Rings, grog is a strong alcoholic drink that is popular among dwarves.

When was grog invented?

Grog was invented in 1740.

What was grog made of?

Grog is made of rum, water, and sugar.

What is grog and how is it made?

Grog is a type of rum that is made with sugar cane juice or molasses. It is usually made in the Caribbean and is a popular drink in the islands.

How did pirates get fresh water?

The most common way for pirates to get fresh water was to collect rainwater in barrels. Some pirates also carried a small still onboard so they could distill seawater into fresh water.

What did sailors do for fun?

Some popular pastimes among sailors includes gambling, drinking, womanizing, and fighting.

How do sailors say good luck?

“Good luck” can be said in many ways, but some examples are “break a leg,” “knock ’em dead,” “May the force be with you,” “God speed,” “safe journey,” and “all the best.”

What illnesses and diseases were prevalent on the ships that explored the seas?

There were many illnesses and diseases that were prevalent on the ships that explored the seas. Some of the most common were scurvy, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.

How much grog did sailors drink?

While there is no set answer, it is safe to say that sailors drank a fair amount of grog. This alcoholic beverage was typically made with rum, water, and sugar, and it was known for its high alcohol content. Sailors would often drink grog to help pass the time, and to help them stay warm during long voyages.

Why did the navy give out rum?

The navy gave out rum because it was a cheap and effective way to prevent scurvy. Scurvy is a disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, and it was a major problem for sailors during long voyages. Rum, which is made from fermented sugar cane, contains a small amount of vitamin C, and it was thought to help prevent scurvy.

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