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Who becomes Heda after Lexa?

Following Lexa’s death at the end of Season 3 of The 100, a power vacuum is created in the Grounder world. To bring stability to the clans, a new leader is elected by the Commanders in a ritual called Conclave.

At the start of Season 4, Roan, the Ice Nation prince, is ultimately chosen as the new Commander of the Coalition. However, instead of taking the title of Commander, he decides to temporarily step down, and instead assigns Clarke Griffin, the leader of the Sky People, as the new leader of the coalition.

By granting Clarke the title of Heda, leader of the clans, he identifies her as a symbol of peace between the different factions. Additionally, the title provides the other clans with a unified representative while they continue to negotiate peace.

Ultimately, Clarke Griffin, the leader of the Sky People, becomes Heda following Lexa’s death.

Who does Clarke give the flame to?

At the end of the TV series The 100, Clarke Griffin entrusts the Flame to Madi, a young Nightblood who is a member of the artificial intelligence Becca’s clan, who was created and protected by the original Commander of the Flame, Becca.

This is done in order to ensure the legacy of Becca and of the Flame is preserved and protected by a Nightblood who can use it. The flame is a chip that is implanted in the back of Madi’s neck, allowing her to control the architecture of A.

L. I. E. and give her access to the memories and knowledge of all former Commanders. This action ensures that the memories and knowledge of the former Commanders and Becca will live on through Madi and that their legacy will be protected.

Clarke entrusting the Flame to Madi also provides a hope of a better future for the human race, as the Flame holds the potential to be used for the greater good and the protection of humanity.

Does Luna ever take the flame?

No, Luna never takes the flame. Luna is an AI-enabled robot created by the tech firm, Savioke, that functions as a low-level employee on-site in hotels, hospitals, and other places of business. Luna can navigate a facility using its various sensors and respond to requests from guests and employees.

Its tasks include delivering amenities, items, and food to guests, delivering correspondence, and other minor errands. Luna cannot handle fire, so it does not take the flame.

Is Octavia a Nightblood?

No, Octavia Blake from The 100 is not a Nightblood. She is the only daughter of John and Hannah Blake, who were both members of the original 100. As the first of the 100 to be born on the Ark, she was seen as special and her parents had her trained secretly in the physical and combat arts, so she could survive on the ground.

Octavia was born with black hair and was seen as an outsider because of this, which caused much distress within the Ark community. It wasn’t until later in the show that it was revealed that her unique darkness of her hair is actually due to the fact that her mother injected her with a hormone when she was a baby, allowing her to survive the radiation in the Earth’s atmosphere and to thrive on the ground.

The hormone is what caused her to grow the dark hair and it has nothing to do with being a Nightblood.

Who replaces Lexa in the 100?

When Lexa, Commander of the 12 Clans, was killed during Season 3 of The 100, the role of Commander had to be filled by another. That role eventually went to Madi, a young Nightblood whom Clarke met shortly after Lexa’s death.

As an immortal Nightblood, Madi was able to absorb the memories of past Commanders, gaining all the knowledge necessary to lead the 12 Clans. It was also determined that Madi was the reincarnation of one of the greatest Commanders the Clans had ever known: Becca Pramheda.

Becca had originally created the Flame and Nightblood experimentation which eventually led to the creation of Madi. Madi eventually led the 13 Clans to a new world, with the help of Clarke and her friends.

Who becomes the last commander in the 100?

The last commander in The 100 was Madi, who took on the role at the beginning of the 6th and final season. She was chosen to be the commander because of her strength, intelligence, and selflessness. As the daughter of former Commander Lexa, she was the perfect choice for the position.

Throughout the final season of The 100, we saw Madi take on the commander’s responsibilities and make some difficult decisions to protect her people. Although she faced many challenges and made some controversial choices, she ultimately managed to lead her people to safety and protect the last remnants of humanity.

With her courage and leadership, Madi proved why she was the perfect choice to be the last Commander of The 100.

Does Octavia become commander?

Yes, Octavia does eventually become Commander towards the end of the series. She is appointed as the leader of the forces loyal to the unified clans, replacing Indra as Commander, who is Octavia’s mentor and advocate throughout the series.

Octavia’s ascension to Commander reflects the pivotal role she plays in uniting the various clans and encouraging them to live together in harmony and acceptance. In this capacity, she shows great strength, courage, and leadership, taking on the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security of her people.

Her approach is one of compassion and understanding, as she strives to create a better future for all of her people, regardless of their past differences. To achieve this she often has to make difficult decisions, and show courage and wisdom in her leadership, traits which are all qualities of a great Commander.

Who is Octavia boyfriend in The 100 season 7?

Octavia’s boyfriend in season 7 of The 100 is Hope Diyoza, daughter of Shaw and Marcus Diyoza, who was born in the second season. Octavia and Hope first met in the fifth season, when Octavia led a group of people into the anomaly and encountered Hope there.

Although they were on opposite sides, Hope and Octavia formed a bond and eventually decided to spare each other and go their separate ways. Eventually, they find each other again and, while it takes some time, eventually they fall head over heels in love, and begin a romantic relationship together.

Over the course of the season, they go through a lot of ups and downs, being on the run in a hostile environment and facing powerful adversaries. But eventually, they find a way to overcome these dangers and make it back home to their people.

Octavia and Hope’s relationship ultimately brings them both a lot of joy and hope for the future, and the two of them will surely continue to explore the world together in the coming episodes.

What happens in the 100 Season 5 Episode 11?

In the 100 Season 5 Episode 11, titled “The Dark Year”, the remaining members of the factions in the Dinotopian savanna set out to try and survive the tumultuous year known as “The Dark Year”. As a mysterious new threat looms, the forces of the savanna must band together in order to survive.

Bellamy, Clarke, and a scout attempt to discover the source of the mysterious blight and danger, which is coming from the ground beneath their feet. Meanwhile, the Primes desperately attempt to keep their team in-check and their connections to Blodreina intact.

Tensions rise during the episode as the various factions clash with each other, and Clarke desperately searches for a way to fix the source of the danger. In the end, Clarke and Bellamy discover the cause of the threat and race to find a cure, as the danger of the dark year threatens to destroy everything in its path.

Did Lexa come back to life?

No, Lexa did not come back to life. Lexa was a character from the television series, The 100, and was killed off during the third season. Fans of the show were devastated and created a widespread outcry of anger and disappointment at Lexa’s death.

Despite this, Lexa has not returned to life. The show’s writers have acknowledged the fan reaction, but have so far decided not to bring the character back. They have respected the storyline and Lexa’s death has been kept definitive.

However, the character’s story arc still lives on, as fan memories of Lexa have influenced the series and the fandom around it. The character has continued to be celebrated and talked about even after her death, cementing her as one of the most iconic characters in the series.

Does Clarke become leader?

Yes, Clarke eventually becomes a leader in the post-apocalyptic world of The 100. After the devastating nuclear apocalypse, Clarke Griffin finds herself among a small group of young people struggling to survive in a world that has been barely habitable for over a hundred years.

As their leader, she guides her people in this new, hostile environment, and ultimately leads them to a new home on Earth. During her journey, Clarke discovers her true strength and courage as she deals with difficult decisions, setbacks, and opponents.

Clarke’s courage, resilience, and resourcefulness allow her to establish new settlements, build alliances with old enemies, and eventually lead the last remaining humans to a new era of peace and prosperity.

Throughout the series, Clarke’s leadership skills continue to evolve and strengthen, making her a powerful leader who has proven herself time and again in difficult situations.

What happens after Lexa betrays Clarke?

After Lexa betrays Clarke, Clarke becomes even more determined to protect her people and defeat Lexa. Clarke is angry and hurt by what happened, but she starts to build a plan for taking down Lexa and her coalition.

She begins gathering allies, planning strategies, and looking for weaknesses in the coalition. She even risks her own life to fight against them.

Clarke and her allies eventually succeed in defeating the coalition and saving their people. Clarke and Lexa have a final confrontation, during which Clarke reveals she has come to understand and respect Lexa’s motivations for betraying her.

In the end, Lexa accepts her fate and accepts Clarke’s pardon, showing that the two have been able to come to a kind of understanding and closure.