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Who brings Dean back to life?

Castiel, a powerful angel from Heaven, brings Dean back to life in the fourth season of Supernatural. It is revealed that Heaven has decided to give Dean a new lease on life after he sacrifices himself to protect the people of Earth from Lilith.

After resurrecting Dean, Castiel informs him that he has been chosen by Heaven to help fight against the forces of evil, thus beginning his journey to become a hunter of supernatural creatures. Castiel then serves as Dean’s guide and mentor, providing aid, advice, and support throughout the series.

Why did Castiel bring Dean back?

Castiel brought Dean back for a variety of reasons. Firstly, there was a strong connection and friendship between the two that transcended their professions as hunter and angel. Castiel had grown to care for Dean deeply, so pulling him out of Hell felt like the only reasonable option when the opportunity arose.

Additionally, Dean was vital to preventing the apocalypse from occurring on Earth, and the only way to counter the actions of the demon Lilith and Lucifer was to bring Dean back. On top of this, Castiel believed that God wanted Dean back, though this is never explicitly stated.

Finally, Castiel was likely driven partly by a sense of guilt and responsibility over the death of Dean’s brother and was trying to make up for it, however he could.

Does Dean reciprocate Castiel’s feelings?

Yes, Dean does reciprocate Castiel’s feelings. Although Dean initially felt hesitant and confused about his strong emotional attachment to Castiel, as the two spent more time together, Dean eventually grew to understand and appreciate his feelings.

Dean eventually admits his feelings to Castiel, with the two becoming true friends in the process. As time passed, Dean’s feelings for Castiel deepened; and while Dean often hides his true emotions, it is clear to the audience that Dean loves Castiel and values their friendship greatly.

Ultimately, Dean has shown time and time again that he loves Castiel and holds him close to his heart.

When did Castiel fall in love with Dean?

Castiel’s love for Dean began to develop over the course of them knowing each other and fighting together but it was during the season four episode of Supernatural, “On the Head of a Pin,” that it fully blossomed when Dean and Castiel worked together to interrogate Alastair, one of Hell’s most powerful torturers.

Dean, who was experiencing emotional pain at the time, confessed to Castiel his guilt over the horrible things he had done while possessed by his father, John Winchester and also how lonely he often was and how he had been disappointed by people in the past.

Castiel’s love for Dean was truly realized during this scene, when he placed his hand under Dean’s chin and told him, “Then I’m sorry you’ve been so disappointment. Because you don’t deserve it. ” Dean, moved by Castiel’s words and his honesty and sincerity, thanked him and also said, “you’re alright, Cas.

” This was the moment when Castiel truly fell in love with Dean and they have been together ever since.

Why did God keep bringing back Castiel?

God kept bringing back Castiel for a number of reasons. Castiel was a loyal and faithful servant who was unquestioningly devoted to God’s will. Castiel was powerful, courageous and willing to do whatever it took to keep his mission on track.

He even lost his grace many times in order to accomplish tasks that would have otherwise been impossible. He provided a strong moral compass for the other angels and was often willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

He also had an unbreakable bond with Dean Winchester, which helped him to cope with his profound losses as well as serve as an emotional and spiritual support. Finally, Castiel had an immense capacity for love, which eventually compelled him to defy Heaven and stand against its greatest oppressors in order to protect those he cared about.

All of these qualities made Castiel the perfect angel to do God’s work in the world.

Who did Castiel have a baby with?

Castiel from the TV show Supernatural did not actually have a baby with anyone. This might be surprising to some as there were several episodes in which it appeared as if he had become a father. In the season 10 episode titled “Dark Dynasty”, Castiel is possessed by an ancient entity who creates an alternate reality in which Castiel is married with children.

This family is soon revealed to be an illusion, created by the entity in order to keep Castiel under its control. Later in the season, Castiel is found to have a baby in his arms, but the child soon turns out to be a vessel for the archangel Michael.

Therefore, Castiel did not actually have a baby with anyone during his time on the show.

What was Lucifer’s nickname for Castiel?

In the TV show Supernatural, Lucifer had a number of nicknames he used for the angel Castiel. The most common ones were “Cas” or “Cassie. ” In earlier seasons when the two angels have a sarcastic rapport, Lucifer also calls him “Cassy,” “Willpower-less,” “False Prophet,” and “Cookie.

” Additionally, Lucifer seemed to be fond of mocking Castiel by calling him “Clarence,” a reference to the angel Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life. Later, Lucifer refers to Castiel as “the Meat Suit” when he is inhabiting a human vessel.

During yet another confrontation, Lucifer refers to Castiel as a “spiritual swiss army knife” and mocks him for being a “useless angel. ” Lastly, Lucifer refers to Castiel as “Brother” out of affection for their close relationship in the past.

Was Castiel supposed to be God?

No, Castiel was not supposed to be God. Castiel is an angel from Heaven in the television show Supernatural. Castiel is a loyal servant of God, who has been sent to Earth to help the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, in their fight against evil supernatural forces.

Throughout the show, Castiel experiences a gradual transformation, becoming more and more independent. At one point, the archangel Raphael claims that Castiel was originally intended to be “The New God”, though this is never directly confirmed and is eventually dismissed as a far-fetched theory.

However, Castiel is powerful enough to command other angels, which further suggests that he is more than a simple angel. Despite his superhuman powers and mysterious origins, Castiel never portrays himself as a deity and continues to refer to God as his superior.

Why was Castiel awake in the empty?

Castiel was awake in the Empty due to its seemingly infinite power. Following his resurrection after being killed by the Archangel Michael in Season 5, Castiel was overwhelmed by his newfound angelic power and felt the overwhelming presence of The Empty.

The Empty is a realm outside of space and time that is said to contain immeasurable power and is the home of death, corruption, and decay. As a vessel of divine power, Castiel was able to sense the presence of The Empty and was drawn to it.

He was then trapped in the Empty by a powerful being, the Shadow, who kept him suspended in the air, unable to move or escape. He was eventually rescued by the angels and with their help, he was able to break free from the Shadow’s hold and escape the Empty.

What episode does Castiel stop being God?

The episode in which Castiel stops being God is the Season 7 finale of Supernatural, titled “Survival of the Fittest”. In this episode, Castiel has reached the peak of his power as God, but is forced to choose between continuing to act as a deity or allowing human free will to be maintained.

Ultimately, he decides to give up being God in order to preserve free will. After doing so, Castiel is returned to his original vessel, Bobby Singer, and is grateful to Sam and Dean for helping him make the right decision.

Thus, “Survival of the Fittest” marks the end of Castiel’s stint as God, and the beginning of a new journey for him.

Why did Metatron take Castiel’s grace?

Metatron took Castiel’s grace in order to power a spell he created that could create an immortal spell tablet, which would allow him to trap all of the souls of Heaven and keep them contained forever.

In order to create this tablet, he needed a substantial amount of celestial power, which he could only obtain from Castiel’s grace. Castiel, being an angel, contained a great deal of power, which Metatron needed in order to complete his spell.

Unfortunately, this meant that Castiel had to give up his grace in order to save Heaven from Metatron’s machinations.

Which episode does Dean come back to life?

The episode which Dean comes back to life is titled “Lazarus Rising” and it is the fourth episode of Season 4 of the supernatural television show, Supernatural. It aired on CW network on September 18, 2008.

In this episode, the angels resurrect Dean from Hell in order to help them fight against Lilith and her minions. As part of the resurrection, a yellow-eyed demon named Alastair is assigned to keep an eye on Dean, who had previously made a deal to give up his soul for Sam’s life.

Dean eventually realizes that he is alive for a greater purpose, and that he must stop the apocalypse from occurring. In order to do so, he aligns himself with the angels and joins the battle against the forces of evil.

How does Dean come back in season 10?

Dean comes back in season 10 through a combination of the power of the Mark of Cain, Death’s permission, and a deal with a crossroads demon. At the end of season 9, Dean is killed while destroying the Mark of Cain, and his soul is sent to Hell.

However, when the Darkness is unleashed in season 10, Death is also released, and Dean’s soul is given back to him. Death outlines a plan to bring Dean back to life by sending him to a crossroads, where he can make a deal with a demon in exchange for his resurrection.

Dean makes the deal, and is brought back from the dead with the Mark of Cain still inside him. Even though the brothers were able to cure him of the mark at the end of the season, the power of the mark was what allowed Dean to come back from the dead.

What episode does Dean get his soul back?

The episode in which Dean gets his soul back is “Soul Survivor” from Season 6 of Supernatural. In this episode, the angel Balthazar takes Dean’s soul from him in order to protect it from the demon Crowley, as well as to prevent Dean from being brought back to life a third time after being killed by Crowley.

To get his soul back, Dean makes a deal with Death, who restores his soul in exchange for Dean briefly becoming Death’s reaper. After restoring his soul, Death informs Dean that he must still eventually die, but Dean accepts this as his fate.

In the end, he reconciles with Sam and the two brothers make amends with each other and resume their hunt for the remaining warding ingredients to protect themselves from coming threats.

Who saved Dean from purgatory?

Dean Winchester was saved from Purgatory by the angel Castiel. In season eight of the hit TV series ‘Supernatural’, Dean had gone to Purgatory in order to defeat an ancient monster known as Leviathan.

While in Purgatory, he encountered a creature known as ‘Alpha Vampire’ and fought the creature off. After the battle, he found himself alone and in despair. Fortunately, Castiel, an angel sent by God, arrived to rescue him.

After being pulled out of Purgatory, Castiel restored Dean’s health and returned him to his home on Earth. In the process, Castiel also gained powerful new abilities as a result of his mission, making him a powerful asset in the war against the forces of darkness.