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Who created venom in Batman?

Venom, a powerful and mysterious chemical compound, was created by scientist Dr. Joshua Sweet in Batman: The Animated Series. The formula was originally meant to be a powerful cure-all, but when Dr. Sweet contaminated the serum with his own fear toxin, the result was a powerful hallucinogenic which swept through Gotham and left many hospitalized with dangerous effects.

As a result, Batman set out to find a way to neutralize the Venom, eventually discovering a special variant of his own fear toxin, known as Anti-Venom or White Venom, capable of completely neutralizing it.

Who made Venom in DC Comics?

Venom was created by the Brolin-directed Marvel Comics team of Scott Rosenberg, Rick Remender and Donny Cates. The Venom character first appeared in Marvel’s Web of Spider-Man #122, in March 1985. He was created by writer-editor David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane.

In April 2016, Venom received a reboot, which saw the character’s abilities alter in the events of the Secret Wars. The current Venom is Eddie Brock and was given the symbiote by Knull, an ancient and powerful cosmic entity, who was imprisoned beneath Earth by the cosmic beings.

Venom has become one of the Marvel Universe’s most popular and iconic characters, appearing in a variety of media including cartoons, video games, films, and merchandise.

Who is DC’s version of Venom?

DC’s version of the Venom character is known as Doomsday, a creature created by the Kryptonian scientist Bertron as a result of experiments involving Aliens and another creature known as the “Ultimate”.

This creature was created as part of Bertron’s quest to create the ultimate warrior, and as a result Doomsday gained incredible abilities such as regenerative healing, strength, agility and ultimately the power of flight.

Doomsday is a relentless, unstoppable monster that has been wreaking havoc in the DC universe since its first appearance in the 1992 series The Death of Superman. Over the years, Doomsday has fought many of DC’s most powerful heroes, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batman and the Justice League.

Doomsday’s power is considered to be on par with the likes of Venom and Batman’s arch-nemesis, the Joker.

Where does Venom come from DC?

Venom does not come from DC comics, as it is a Marvel Comics character. Venom first appeared in the Marvel comics universe and is most closely associated with Spider-Man. The character was created by writer David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mike Zeck, and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988).

Venom is a symbiote, an alien creature that bonds itself with a human host. The most well-known host of the Venom symbiote is Eddie Brock, and the two have become one of the most popular comic book duos in the Marvel universe.

Venom has since appeared in various media, including films, television, and video games.

Is Venom a Marvel or DC character?

Venom is a Marvel Comics character, and one of Spider-Man’s most enduring enemies. It first appeared as a black suit that Spider-Man found in an alien spacecraft in 1984. The suit was an alien symbiote, a sentient organism from outer space that requires a human host to survive, and which can grant its host greater strength and powers.

Over time, the suit bonded to a journalist named Eddie Brock and became an anti-hero known as Venom. The character has been depicted in several Marvel media adaptations, notably the Spider-Man film trilogy starring Tobey Maguire, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Tom Hardy stars as Venom in a film of the same name.

Did DC create Venom?

No, DC did not create Venom. Venom was created by Marvel Comics, first appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (May 1988). This issue marked the first appearance of the Venom Symbiote, a powerful alien creature capable of bonding with a human host, which would eventually bond with Eddie Brock and become known as Venom.

Venom was created by writer-editor David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mike Zeck.

Who is DC’s Carnage?

Carnage is one of the most iconic supervillains in the DC Universe. He is an alien symbiote that is a combination of human, symbiote, and Klyntar DNA. Carnage was created from the same extra-terrestrial organism that birthed the famous anti-hero Venom.

He is the archenemy of Venom and Spider-Man and has become one of their most dangerous foes. Carnage has been known for its incredibly powerful and vicious nature; so much so that it was even able to defeat Venom in certain battles.

It is capable of inducing a sense of madness and instability in its hosts, which provide its superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. Carnage has the same abilities as Venom, but with the addition of deadly and razor sharp claws and tendrils, as well as the ability to shape-shift and make itself stronger.

It also has a taste for physical combat and has been able to hold its own against some of the greatest superheroes in the DC Universe, such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Doomsday.

Is there a DC symbiote?

Yes, there is a DC symbiote. They are a race of sentient alien parasites from the Marvel Comics universe. They are usually depicted as parasitic alien creatures that attach themselves to a host, granting them special powers while slowly draining the host of their energy and controlling their minds.

In the DC Comics universe, there are a few notable symbiotes, though they differ in origin and power set.

The most notable DC symbiote is Venom. Venom was originally known as the “Lethal Protector” of the Marvel Universe, but was eventually introduced into the DC Universe. He is a menacing and relentless enemy with a large set of powerful abilities,such as enhanced strength, speed, and agility as well as the ability to shoot webbing and create clones.

Another notable DC symbiote is Carnage. He is a living weapon created by the villain Cletus Kasady, combining the Venom symbiote with his own blood, creating an entity far more dangerous and unpredictable than Venom.

He has the same abilities as Venom, but with an even greater feral rage and destructive impulses.

Finally, one of the newest DC symbiotes is Doomsday, created by Lex Luthor. He was designed to be a powerful weapon, merging the physiology of Superman with the powers of a symbiote. He has increased physical strength, superhuman speed, and the ability to generate powerful force-blasts as well as tentacle-like appendages.

Who was Venom’s father?

Venom’s father is an extraterrestrial being known as the Venom Symbiote. The Venom Symbiote is an alien symbiotic life form that was created by an unknown cosmic being. It first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1988.

The symbiote was originally bonded to Spider-Man, and after he rejected it, it found a new host in Eddie Brock, which is where Venom was born. The Venom Symbiote is able to mimic the properties and abilities of its host and can be used to create a variety of dangerous weapons.

It is also able to shape shift and regenerate, making it a powerful and dangerous being. The Venom Symbiote is a powerful force in the Marvel Universe, and has been involved in countless major storylines, making it one of the most memorable elements of the Marvel Universe.

How was Venom symbiote created?

The Venom Symbiote was created by writer David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane during their collaboration on The Amazing Spider-Man in the late 1980s. The Venom Symbiote was actually the result of failed experiments conducted by the alien race known as the Klyntar.

During their experiments on Earth, the Klyntar were attempting to create the “perfect host”. They ended up using human volunteers to host the symbiotes they had created. These hosts were able to control the symbiotes and use them as suits of armor, allowing them to gain superhuman abilities.

Unfortunately, the experiments went wrong and the Klyntar had to abandon their project. The humans they had used as hosts completely lost control of their symbiotes and the creatures went berserk, terrorizing their hosts and wreaking havoc on Earth.

The Venom Symbiote was among these renegade creations, and it quickly found a new host in reporter Eddie Brock.

With Eddie as its host, the Venom Symbiote quickly gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous supervillains in the Marvel Universe. While it had the powers of Spider-Man, Venom also had a host of new abilities and a taste for carnage that made it difficult for Spidey to take down.

Fortunately, Eddie was eventually able to wrestle control of the alien symbiote and make it a force for good instead of destruction.

Is Venom Marvel or Sony?

Venom is a Marvel Comics character that first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #299 (May 1988). Venom is the name of a Symbiote, a sentient alien, with a gooey, almost liquid-like form, which requires a host – usually human – to bond with for its survival.

The Symbiote then enables the host to utilize its superhuman powers and abilities. The copyright and trademark to Venom, as well as all associated characters and stories, is owned by Marvel Comics, which is a division of the Disney Company.

Although the character has been featured in various movies and cartoons across different platforms, the first live-action film adaptation of Venom starred Tom Hardy, and was released by Sony Pictures in 2018.

Sony own the film rights for certain Marvel characters, including Venom – however the copyright for the character is still owned by Marvel.

Why does Batman have Venom?

Batman has a long history of using certain performance-enhancing supplements to give himself an edge in his endless crusade to protect Gotham City. One of the most notorious of these supplements is the mysterious chemical compound known as Venom.

Developed by scientist Professor Hugo Strange, Venom was first used by Batman in order to combat his own physical deficiencies. It temporarily enhances the user’s strength, speed, durability, and even recovery rate — making it a powerful tool for the Dark Knight.

When used responsibly, Venom can be a great asset for Batman. He can use it to take down enemies quickly and effectively, especially when faced with an overwhelming number of foes. Additionally, it can give him an edge when discussing rational decisions under duress.

However, Venom also has some potential drawbacks, as it can cause sharp mood swings and even delusions in some cases. To avoid abusing the substance, Batman mostly uses it in the most optimal of doses, and only in extreme cases.

Did Batman use Venom before Bane?

No, Batman never used Venom before Bane. Venom is a serum created by Linwood Murrow that artificially enhances an individual’s physical strength several times over. It also has other effects, such as heightened aggression and paranoia.

Bane was the first known person to ever use Venom, which he injected himself with in order to break out of prison and become a formidable enemy of Batman. While it is true that Batman has used various drugs or serums in the past to increase his physical strength, such as the Lazarus Pit or chemicals from Scarecrow, Venom has only ever been used by Bane.

Why does Spider-Man Turn into Venom?

In Marvel Comics, the story behind Spider-Man turning into Venom began when a being called Venom symbiote attached itself to a reporter named Eddie Brock, and the two became a single being called Venom.

As the Venom symbiote was looking for someone to bond with it came across Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man. Upon bonding, the Venom symbiote (which had previously granted Brock increased strength, speed, and agility) granted Spider-Man the same abilities, along with the ability to shoot webs, visions of the future, and an even greater physical power.

Soon however, Spider-Man began to realize the Venom symbiote was slowly taking control of him and feeding off his darker emotions, like rage and revenge. Therefore, out of fear, Spider-Man went to great lengths to try and separate himself from the symbiote, but was unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the Venom symbiote had a stronger bond with Spider-Man and refused to let go.

Spider-Man then realized that this symbiote was slowly transforming him into a hybrid being, composed of both him and the Venom symbiote. As Spider-Man’s personality started to change, he became more fearless and had a decreased desire to protect innocent people.

Eventually, he was no longer the Spider-Man everyone had come to know and love, but an entity that was widely known as Venom.

Despite the transformation, Spider-Man still retained some of his original values and sense of justice, but the transition made it impossible for him to undo his transformation into Venom. He eventually found a way to control the Venom symbiote, allowing him to control and separate himself from it, but it was only through this understanding that he was able to finally break the symbiote’s control over him and become the hero the people had grown to love once again.

Did Batman inject himself with Venom in The Batman?

No, Batman did not inject himself with Venom in The Batman. The Batman is a 2021 film starring Robert Pattinson as Batman and is the first installment of the DC Extended Universe’s The Batman film trilogy.

In the movie, Batman is portrayed as an independent vigilante who operates outside the law in order to protect Gotham City and its citizens. While Venom is not mentioned by name in the movie, it can be assumed that the references to the lethal injection of a powerful serum administered to Batman by a mysterious figure is not Venom.

It is instead the “super serum” that makes him stronger and puts him on equal footing with the criminals he must fight. The serum also enhances his existing abilities and gives him a new type of armor.

The serum ends up being a combination of compounds from both Lex Luthor and Dr. Hugo Strange. However, Venom is not included in this serum, nor is it shown or mentioned in The Batman.