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Who does Derek cheat on Meredith with?

Derek cheats on Meredith with a doctor named Rose. This occurs in Season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy. The affair begins when he and Meredith spend some time apart to try to figure out their relationship. Derek starts to work with Rose and begins to feel an attraction to her.

After resolving the situation with Izzie Stevens and Denny Duquette, Derek heads over to Rose’s place. They end up talking, and Derek kisses Rose, officially beginning their affair. It takes several weeks for Meredith to figure out what is going on, as she notices that Derek is uneasy and distant.

When Meredith calls Derek out on it, he confesses his affair with Rose and begs for her to forgive him.

Who kissed Derek in season 11?

In season 11 of the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was kissed multiple times. The first kiss of the season, and arguably the most memorable, was the one he shared with the late Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) in the episode called “Unaccompanied Minor.

” This was the last time Derek and Mark shared an intimate moment since Mark died a few episodes later.

Shortly after Mark’s death, Derek was kissed by his new love interest, Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone). Derek spent the majority of the season trying to win back the love of Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and during this time, he shared a few more kisses with Amelia.

In the season 11 finale, Derek and Meredith confronted the rumors that they had been sleeping together while Derek was still engaged to Amelia. Derek and Meredith ultimately decided to remain friends and in the last seconds of the finale, Meredith surprised Derek with a kiss.

This was the final kiss between Derek and any character in season 11.

What episode does Meredith find out Derek cheated on her?

The episode in which Meredith finds out Derek cheated on her is season 5, episode 23 of Grey’s Anatomy, entitled “What a Difference a Day Makes. ” In this episode, Meredith confronts Derek about why she can’t find his cell phone, and he eventually admits to her that a nurse he had been working with, Rose, had kissed him the night before.

Meredith is devastated and feels betrayed, leading to a rocky road for their relationship for the rest of the season.

Who does Meredith blame for Derek’s death?

Meredith does not explicitly blame anyone for Derek’s death in the show, but it can be inferred that she blames herself to some extent. While Meredith never explicitly states her reasoning, it is evident in some of her actions and the choices that she makes throughout the show.

After Derek’s death, Meredith distances herself from her friends and family, choosing to grieve alone and internalizing her suffering. She puts her career and her children before her own needs, avoiding any displays of emotion, putting on a tough facade, and isolating herself, instead of allowing herself to be comforted.

She tries to put on a strong front and actively chooses to not deal with her grief. Through her actions, she implies that she believes that she is to blame for his death in some way, which is why she tries to avoid dealing with it and distance herself from those she loves.

Who is the first person Meredith slept with after Derek?

Meredith slept with Will Thorpe following Derek’s death. Thorpe was a surgical resident at the hospital, and besides being attractive and intelligent, he was also a bit of a rebel. After their first night together, Meredith found out that she was pregnant with his child.

Meredith had a difficult decision to make about whether or not to keep the baby, but she ultimately decided to keep it without telling Thorpe. She then struggled to raise the child alone, juggling her own medical career with motherhood.

Eventually Thorpe found out about the baby and came back into the picture. Eventually, he became a prominent and positive figure in their lives, often helping to watch over the baby while Meredith was at work.

Is Meredith divorcing Derek?

No, Meredith and Derek are not divorcing. As of 2019, the couple is still very much together and are the main characters of the popular television show, Grey’s Anatomy. The couple’s relationship has been a major story arc of the show for its entire run, starting in 2005.

During the show, Meredith and Derek have gone through numerous struggles together, but always managed to stay together in the end. Meredith and Derek have also welcomed three children together: Zola, Bailey, and Ellis.

It appears that the couple is still very much in love and not heading for a divorce anytime soon.

Does Derek ever tell Meredith he cheated?

No, Derek does not tell Meredith he cheated. Although it is obvious to Meredith that something is going on, Derek does not confess to his indiscretion. Derek is struggling with his own guilt and turmoil and is unwilling to compound the situation by revealing his mistake to Meredith.

Instead, he chooses to remain silent and never confront Meredith with the truth. Derek believes he can maintain some semblance of their relationship by keeping his own indiscretions private. Derek’s behavior could be interpreted as cowardly and self-preserving, but it also likely stems from the pain of knowing his poor decision affected those around him.

There are hints that Derek’s conscience is heavy, as he demonstrates meaningful and heartfelt moments with Meredith in the days following his indiscretion. It is clear Derek is trying to make peace with Meredith in a way he knows she best understands.

Although Derek does not tell Meredith he cheated, his actions clearly demonstrate his guilt and sorrow.

What episode does Derek tell Meredith about the kiss?

The episode in which Derek tells Meredith about their kiss is season 3, episode 19 of Grey’s Anatomy, entitled “My Favorite Mistake”. In this episode, Derek is confronted by Addison, his ex-wife, who has seen the two of them kissing.

Derek then confesses to Meredith that it was actually the second time they had kissed. Meredith is shocked and upset to learn of this, having previously thought that the kiss they shared in the previous episode was their first time.

Derek apologizes for not telling her sooner and attempts to explain his feelings, but Meredith rejects his explanation and storms out. While Meredith is processing this news, Derek goes to great lengths to make it up to her and eventually succeeds in winning her back.

This episode sets up an ongoing theme of mutual love and understanding between Derek and Meredith.