Who does Travis sleep with in Yellowjackets?

The answer to this question is unknown.

Is Adam in Yellowjackets Travis brother?

No, they are not brothers.

What is the weird symbol in Yellowjackets?

Some people might see it as a representation of the band’s name, while others might see it as a more abstract representation of the music they create.

Why did misty destroy the flight recorder?

But it is possible that Misty destroyed the recorder because she wanted to protect the secrets of the island.

Did they find Javi Yellowjackets?

Javi was not found.

Does Evan survive in Yellowjackets?

Evan does not survive in Yellowjackets.

Is taissa the woman in the tree?

No, she is not.

Is Lottie the antler queen Yellowjackets?

I cannot find a good answer to that!

Is Lottie the pit girl?

No, she is not.

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