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Who is Sanji in love with?

Sanji, from the anime series One Piece, is not officially in love with any specific character, though he has been shown to be attracted to multiple female characters as the series progresses. Early on in the anime, he is shown to have a deep admiration for Princess Vivi of Alabasta and he has been seen flirting with a variety of female characters including his boss, the Geisha Conis, and Princess Shyarly of the Ryugu Kingdom.

He is also not above swooning at the sight of a beautiful woman, evidenced by his reactions to the mermaids of Fishman Island. Furthermore, Sanji has also been seen to have strong feelings of protectiveness and honour with regards to Nami, a main female protagonist of One Piece.

Despite all of his flirtations, however, Sanji remains single and has not entered into any lasting relationship in the series. As of the current storyline, it is unclear if he is truly in love with anyone yet, though his romantic actions towards various characters suggest he may eventually end up with someone in the future.

Does Sanji marry pudding?

No, Sanji does not marry Pudding. Although Sanji and Pudding have an extensive history and a deep bond of friendship, the two characters never become romantically involved. However, Pudding plays a vital role in the One Piece series and contributes significantly to the development of Sanji’s character and plot lines.

After Sanji initially leaves his crew to pursue his dreams of becoming a first-rate pirate on his own, Pudding helps him realize he belongs with the Straw Hats, ultimately leading to Sanji’s return. Despite his deep affection for Pudding, she ultimately decides to stay on her island and marry her arranged husband, and Sanji fully supports her decision without expecting or desiring any romantic involvement from her.

Therefore, Sanji does not marry Pudding—although the two certainly remain friends and share a very strong bond.

Does Sanji ever get a girlfriend?

Yes, Sanji eventually gets a girlfriend. In the One Piece series, Sanji, along with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, spends some time on the island of Dressrosa. While there, Sanji is threatened with a forced marriage to the princess of the island, Charlotte Purin.

Sanji initially rejects this offer, but is eventually convinced after hearing the princess’s backstory. Sanji and Purin eventually fall in love and start a relationship. They remain together until the end of the Dressrosa arc, after which Sanji returns to the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the two are still together, as Sanji continues to communicate with Purin through letters he sends her. Though their relationship may have had a rocky start, Sanji and Purin’s love and commitment to each other stands the test of time.

Is Charlotte pudding Sanji’s wife?

No, Charlotte Pudding is not Sanji’s wife. Sanji is a character from the popular anime One Piece and he currently doesn’t have a wife. Instead, he has a fiancée, who is actually Charlotte Pudding, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family.

However, their relationship is somewhat complicated due to the fact that the Charlotte Family is allied with the Big Mom Pirates, who are currently at war with the Straw Hat Pirates, of which Sanji is a member.

Ultimately, although Sanji and Pudding have an engagement of sorts, they are not yet married, so Pudding is not Sanji’s wife.

Why did Pudding and Sanji break up?

Pudding and Sanji’s relationship had been a long and tumultuous one, however, ultimately it ended when Pudding revealed a dark and painful truth about her past. She told Sanji that she had been trained from a young age to hate him and his crew, and was being manipulated and controlled by Big Mom, her own mother, to try and kill them all.

This revelation caused Sanji and Pudding great pain, as it strained their relationship and highlighted the conflict of interests between them. In Sanji’s mind, he couldn’t stay with Pudding knowing that she may turn against them all anytime they encountered Big Mom and her crew.

He knew that no matter how strong his love was for her, he still needed to protect the rest of his crew, and this forced him to make the difficult decision of breaking up with Pudding.

At the same time, Pudding didn’t want to put Sanji and his crew in danger and recognized that, because of her position, Sanji could never truly trust her. She also didn’t want Sanji to feel guilty for staying with her and felt that it was best for them both if they parted ways.

Even though their relationship didn’t end up working out, both Sanji and Pudding still remember each other fondly and accepted the reality that their love story was never meant to be.

Who does Sanji love Nami or pudding?

Sanji has a long-standing affection for Nami that has been evident since the very beginning of their time together in the Straw Hat Pirates. He is always willing to risk his life for hers, no matter what the situation or obstacle.

However, in the Wano Country arc, Sanji has started to show romantic feelings for Pudding, much to Nami’s dismay. This is mostly because Pudding had saved him when he was knocked out by Big Mom’s forces.

Sanji became embarrassed by his growing feelings, which he tried to suppress as much as possible. Ultimately, Sanji loves both Nami and Pudding in different ways. He has a romantic and protective love for Nami, while Pudding is someone Sanji cares and this tendency manifests in him trying to help her when he can.

In the end, Sanji loves them both and wants to do right by them both.

Does Pudding fall in love with Sanji?

No, Pudding does not fall in love with Sanji. Pudding initially had romantic feelings for Sanji and the two had some interactions throughout the Whole Cake Island arc; however, Pudding never develops a full-fledged romance with Sanji.

As soon as Sanji discovers Pudding’s involvement in the Big Mom Pirates plans, Sanji realizes that it would be wrong to pursue a relationship with Pudding while knowing what he does. Furthermore, Pudding’s feelings are not returned by Sanji, as he only sees her as an enemy.

At the end of the arc, Pudding even apologizes to Sanji for not being able to fulfill his expectations of her. Later on, she is shown having developed a close bond with Sanji’s brother, Judge. This relationship is strictly platonic; however, it does reinforce the fact that a romance between Pudding and Sanji is not in their future.

Who will Pudding marry?

It is not yet known who Pudding will ultimately marry, as she is still young. Pudding is a fictional character from the manga and anime series One Piece. She is the twin sister of Sanji, who she was separated from as a baby, and is the third daughter of the Charlotte family.

She is known to be very shy and timid.

In the story, Pudding lives on the Whole Cake Island, controlled by Big Mom, who is the family matriarch. She is currently learning the art of making cake with her childhood friend Chiffon. She soon discovers her lost brother Sanji, who had never seen her before.

At first, Pudding is very happy to have found her brother, but eventually she begins to become more interested in him, and later begins to have romantic feelings for him.

The story of One Piece is still ongoing, so the outcome of Pudding’s relationship with Sanji remains to be seen. For now, it is too early to say who Pudding will ultimately marry, as she is still young and her story continues to unfold.

Who married Nami?

Nami is not married. In the anime series One Piece, Nami is a major character. She is a pirate who joins the main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates crew. She is a navigator and the thief of the crew.

In the series, Nami has been proposed to a few times – once by Baron Omatsuri and a second time by Tiger. Both of these offers were rejected. Nami has also been shown to have significant relationships with other characters, but is never married.

Who does Nico Robin love?

Nico Robin is a character from the manga and anime series, One Piece. She is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and is an archaeologist who dreams of seeking knowledge across the sea. As she is a member of the Straw Hat crew, she has a deep connection to her friends and allies, such as Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats.

Over the course of the series, however, Robin has developed feelings for fellow crewmate, Franky. While it is never explicitly stated in the series, there are various hints in how Robin acts around Franky that show her romantic feelings.

For example, they often go off together by themselves, and Robin will act quite shy and coy around him at times. Additionally, Robin seems to admire Franky’s kind-heartedness and his loyalty to the Straw Hats.

Ultimately, while there is no definite answer as to who Nico Robin loves, it is assumed that she has romantic feelings for Franky.

Who did Sanji try to marry?

Sanji is a character in the popular Japanese manga series One Piece, who is the cook of the Strawhat Pirates. Although he is fiercely loyal to his crew, his dream, unbeknownst to most, is to one day find a great love and get married.

Sanji has been in love with numerous women throughout the series, but the one he has tried to marry on multiple occasions is the beautiful princess of the Germa Kingdom, Reiju Vinsmoke. Reiju was his childhood sweetheart who was arranged to marry someone else by her ambitious family.

Despite this, Sanji still has deep feelings for her and dreams of marrying her someday.

Does Sanji and Pudding get married?

Yes, Sanji and Pudding do get married in the end. After Sanji and Pudding initially meet in the Whole Cake Island arc, Pudding plays a large part in helping Sanji and his allies during the arc, including saving Sanji’s life and helping him to flee the islands.

She then participates in the subsequent Reverie arc and the Wano Country arc.

Eventually the Straw Hat Pirates part ways until the end of the Wano Country arc when the crew makes their way back to Whole Cake Island for one final reunion before Sanji sets out for his own voyage to explore the world.

At the end of the arc, Sanji and Pudding reunite and make the decision to get married. Sanji gives Pudding the wedding ring she had given him when they first met on Whole Cake Island and they share a kiss, thus confirming their wedding.

How did Pudding break Sanji’s heart?

When Pudding first encountered Sanji during the Whole Cake Island Arc of the One Piece manga and anime, she initially had Sanji completely fooled into believing she was a caring and considerate person.

However, as the arc progressed, it was revealed that Pudding was actually a malicious and treacherous person who was playing Sanji by manipulating his emotions.

Pudding’s true evil nature was first revealed when she shot and stabbed Luffy on Big Mom’s orders. Sanji was heartbroken to find out that the woman he was falling for was capable of such violence, and it set him on a collision course with his estranged family, the Vinsmokes.

Sanji’s willingness to protect Pudding from his own family, despite finding out her true nature, showed how deep his emotional connection to her was. It was only whenBig Mom revealed Pudding’s true intentions of using Sanji to gain access to the Vinsmoke’s cloning technology, sending him into a state of devastation, that his heart was finally broken.

The full weight of betrayal that Sanji faced at Pudding’s hands drove him to a breaking point, leading him to break off ties with the Straw Hat Pirates and ultimately siding with Big Mom in the final battle.

The emotional turmoil that Sanji faced infected his relationship with Pudding, leaving him feeling completely heartbroken and betrayed as his feelings of love and admiration were completely destroyed.

Why did they want Sanji to marry Pudding?

The main motivation for the Big Mom pirates wanting Sanji to marry Pudding was that Big Mom had made a promise with the Vinsmoke Family to have Sanji marry Pudding in exchange for military technology and support when they attacked Fishman Island, which was something the Big Mom pirates desperately wanted in order to further their ambitions.

Additionally, the Big Mom Pirates may have wanted Sanji for leadership reasons, as Sanji is the son of Judge, the leader of the Vinsmoke family. Sanji was in line to be the head of the Vinsmoke family, and the Big Mom Pirates may have wanted to capitalize on that by having Sanji married off to one their own, thus further uniting the two families and strengthening their forces, which is something that they highly valued.

Finally, there was a genuine desire from Big Mom’s daughter, Pudding, to be with Sanji, as the two seemed to have genuine feelings for each other. As Big Mom is a strict matriarch, she likely wanted her daughter to have her heart’s desire, and therefore wanted to have Sanji marry her as well.

What was Pudding’s favor to Sanji?

Sanji had been searching for a way to save his brother, Judge, from execution at the hands of Big Mom so he turned to Pudding for help. Seeing a chance to get something she desperately wanted, Pudding proposed a favor in return for helping Sanji.

The favor she asked was for him to leave the Whole Cake Island with her on one of the Thousand Sunny’s ships and never return. She claimed that if he stayed, she would never be able to have a life of her own.

At first, Sanji refused the offer, not wanting to leave his crew behind. But when Pudding finally convinced him that she had genuinely good intentions, Sanji reluctantly agreed to the deal. In the end, Pudding managed to help him save Judge from Big Mom’s execution and Sanji gave her his word that he would depart from the island with her when the time came.