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Who kills Mrs D PLL?

In the television series Pretty Little Liars (PLL), Mrs. D – otherwise known as Alison DiLaurentis’ mother – is killed in the Season 6 finale. While the killer is not explicitly revealed, it is heavily implied that Charlotte DiLaurentis – Alison’s alter ego CeCe Drake’s – is the one who killed her.

Prior to her death, Mrs. D had discovered Charlotte’s true identity and had begun to challenge her daughter’s mental stability. After confronting Charlotte and warning her against interfering in Alison’s life, Charlotte retaliates and kills Mrs.

D by either strangling her or hitting her with a rock. After hiding the body, Charlotte claims that she has gone missing.

In the series finale of Pretty Little Liars, it is ultimately revealed that Charlotte was behind the murder when Sasha Pieterse’s character Alison confronts her and Charlotte admits to the crime. Charlotte’s murder of Mrs.

D serves as a catalyst for the entire series, as Alison seeks to find out what happened and why her mother was killed.

Why was Jessica DiLaurentis killed?

Jessica DiLaurentis was killed by Charlotte DiLaurentis, also known as CeCe Drake, in a misguided attempt to protect her half-sister, Alison DiLaurentis. At the time, CeCe thought that Jessica was the one responsible for Alison’s previous disappearances, and thus wanted to keep her from potentially hurting Alison again.

After a heated confrontation between the two, Charlotte felt like she had no other choice but to kill Jessica in order to protect her sister. Unfortunately, Charlotte was wrong in her suspicions and her attempt to resolve the issue resulted in tragedy.

Why did Allison’s mom bury her?

Allison’s mom buried her because she didn’t know what else to do. Before her death, Allison had been struggling with her mental health, and her mom found out that she had been trying to take her own life.

Allison’s mom was heartbroken and scared, so she decided to bury her in a private location instead of having her go through a traditional funeral. This was a way for her to ensure that Allison’s memory was kept safe and that she could keep her daughter close to her heart, even when she was gone.

Whose body was found if Alison is alive?

The body found at the end of the show was revealed to be that of Bethany Young, an ex-patient of the Radley Sanitarium. She had been buried by “A”, specifically Mona Vanderwaal, in order to make it seem like Alison DiLaurentis had been killed.

It was one of Mona’s last “A” games before she turned over a new leaf.

Bethany had been institutionalized for the attempted murder of Jessica DiLaurentis, Alison’s mother, and had escaped from Radley the same night of Ali’s disappearance. She had been killed and buried by Mona on the DiLaurentis’ property.

Her body was later found by Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer while they were searching for clues.

The girls eventually discovered the truth and also figured out that Alison was alive and had been intentionally kept hidden by her family. She had been staying with a family friend ever since she vanished.

Who is CeCe Drake’s dad?

CeCe Drake’s dad is never actually revealed on ” Pretty Little Liars”. Some fans believe that her dad may have been Jason DiLaurentis, making Jason and Mona Vanderwaal the cousins seen in season 1. Others theorize that it is Lucas Gottesman, who is in communication with CeCe in a flashback in season 4, episode 19.

However, this is never confirmed as he is never seen or heard from again on the show. Meanwhile, there is still a lot of speculation on social media, but it is still unknown who CeCe Drake’s dad really is.

Who was in the suit in the Dollhouse PLL?

The identity of the person in the “Dollhouse” at the end of Pretty Little Liars (PLL) has been a mystery ever since the show’s finale. Fans of the show have speculated endlessly over who it was and what the reason for their presence there was.

In the end, it was revealed that the person in the dollhouse was actually Charlotte DiLaurentis (a. k. a. CeCe Drake), the younger biological sibling of Alison DiLaurentis, and the twin sister of the deceased ex-boyfriend of the Liars’ leader, Spencer Hastings.

Charlotte had been adopted by the Hastings family as a baby, but had been forced to flee the family under mysterious circumstances. It was revealed in the season 6A finale of PLL was actually possessed by “A”, the first Big Bad of the series.

A revealed himself to be Charlotte in the Season 6B finale, as a part of his plan to get revenge on the Liars after they ruined his life. Charlotte was ultimately arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

The finale of PLL concluded with Charlotte still in the Dollhouse, seemingly content with her current living arrangements.

Who was under the gas mask PLL?

The identity of the person under the gas mask in Pretty Little Liars was revealed in the sixth season. It was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal, the former best friend of the main characters in the show.

Prior to this, it was widely presumed to be Ezra Fitz or Charles DiLaurentis. Both of those theories were debunked when it was revealed that Mona had been under the mask the entire time. During the course of the sixth season, Mona was revealed to be ‘A’, the mysterious figure tormenting the main characters.

She had taken on the persona of ‘A’ as part of a master plan to prove that she was smarter than her friends, and also to carry out revenge against them for wronging her. This involved pretending to be a dangerous, unknown figure, and manipulating them for her own gain.

When her plan was finally foiled, she was detained in an in-patient psychiatric hospital. At the end of the season, however, the character manages to escape and resume her identity under the gas mask, eventually being revealed to be ‘A’ in the series finale.

Overall, Mona Vanderwaal was revealed to be under the gas mask in Pretty Little Liars.

Who killed Alison’s mom?

Alison’s mother was killed by Melissa Hastings’ older sibling, Charlotte DiLaurentis or “A. ” Alison’s father had long suspected Charlotte of being responsible for the death of Alison’s mother, but had no solid proof to back up his suspicions.

After lots of investigation and research, it was revealed that Charlotte was indeed responsible for the death of Alison’s mother when her past behavior and the events that occurred around the time of the death were taken into consideration.

Charlotte had always been an unstable person, and her mental health was especially fragile at the time of Alison’s mother’s death. Charlotte had taken up residence in the Radley Sanitarium after causing friction with various members of the DiLaurentis family.

Charlotte had been in and out of the Sanitarium for years and was eventually released by her doctor.

The night of Alison’s mother’s death, Charlotte had escaped from the Sanitarium and snuck into the DiLaurentis’ home. She had been searching for a special box that she believed the family had kept from her.

Alison’s mother caught Charlotte in the house and there was an altercation between the two. Ultimately, Charlotte would use a kitchen knife to kill Alison’s mother in a fit of rage and then tried to hide her identity.

Charlotte had gone by the pseudonym “A” to intimidate and harass the Liars, revealing that she was in fact responsible for the death of Alison’s mother. Charlotte’s plan was to go back to Radley and never be heard from again.

However, her plan was thwarted by the intervention of her sister Melissa and ultimately, Charlotte was sent back to Radley.

In the end, it was revealed that Charlotte DiLaurentis, aka “A,” was responsible for the death of Alison’s mother.

Who killed Mrs DiLaurentis Why?

Mrs DiLaurentis was killed by her daughter, Alison DiLaurentis. Alison had mistaken her mother for CeCe Drake, whom she believed was responsible for the death of her friend, Mona Vanderwaal.

Alison had left Rosewood after being framed for Mona’s death, although it was ultimately her half-brother, Charles (later revealed to be Charlotte), that had killed her. Mona had been a member of a team of blackmailers who targeted Charlotte.

As a result, Charlotte was determined to get revenge on those involved.

In the summer before Alison’s homecoming, Charlotte had taken on the persona of her mother, Jessica DiLaurentis, as part of her plan for revenge. Meanwhile, Alison, still feeling guilty for Mona’s death and suffering from a breakdown in New York, had returned to Rosewood to face her punishment.

After an exchange of heated words, Alison mistook her mother, Jessica, for Charlotte and killed her out of rage and revenge.

Ultimately, Alison turned herself in and it was revealed that she had killed her mother, although she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and placed into a mental institution, where she stayed for two years.

Who was Alison’s mom protecting?

Alison’s mom was protecting her daughter from the secrets and lies that existed in her family. Alison’s mom had kept hidden the fact that Alison’s father was still alive and was a prominent member of a secret society called the A’s.

She was also protecting Alison from finding out about her mother’s involvement in ‘The Jenna Thing’, the horrific incident in which Alison’s friend Jenna was blind in one eye. By keeping these secrets buried, Alison’s mother was trying to protect her from the pain and confusion she would feel once she uncovered the truth.

Ultimately, her mother’s desire to protect her daughter drove her to her tragic end.

Who shot Spencer Hastings?

The identity of the person who shot Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars was revealed in the Season 6 finale. It was revealed that it was Alex Drake—who had been posing as her identical twin, ‘A. D.

‘—who shot Spencer. After capturing the Liars, Alex forces Spencer to choose between herself and the others. When Spencer refuses, Alex points a gun at her and tells her to ask for forgiveness. In desperation, Spencer attempts to shoot her twin but fails and is shot instead.

In the end, it was Alex who shot Spencer Hastings.

Why did Shana turn on Alison?

Shana turned on Alison because she felt betrayed and hurt by the way Alison had been treating her. For a while, Shana had been fiercely loyal to Alison, always siding with her and defending her when others criticized her.

However, as the relationship between Alison and Shana developed and deepened, Alison began to take advantage of Shana, expecting her to put off her own plans and interests in order to help Alison with hers.

This strained their relationship, as Shana wanted more from the relationship than she was getting from Alison. Eventually, Shana’s resentment boiled over and she decided to take all of the frustration she had been feeling out on Alison, turning on her and choosing to no longer be her friend.

Who was Mrs DiLaurentis give the suitcase to?

Mrs DiLaurentis gave the suitcase to Spencer Hastings at the end of the winter finale of the sixth season of Pretty Little Liars. Mrs DiLaurentis had been keeping the suitcase in her car and was being chased by someone when she passed it off to Spencer.

The suitcase contained a box of things that Mary Drake, Mrs DiLaurentis’ unacknowledged half-sister and Charlotte DiLaurentis’ mother, retrieved from a storage locker. Inside the box were many items that were related to the mysterious “A”game, including a hoodie, a mask, and a calling card.

Spencer later discovered that the hoodie and mask were the same items he had earlier seen Sara Harvey wearing in the Town Square. It was later revealed that the calling card was for a game created by Charlotte DiLaurentis known as ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Did Ezra stalk Aria?

No, Ezra (Fitz) did not stalk Aria. At the start of the show, Ezra is a teacher at Aria’s high school and they shared an instant connection. It is implied that they both feel drawn to each other and they get to know each other throughout the course of the show.

Though Aria is confused when Ezra doesn’t immediately reveal that he knows who she is, he eventually chooses to disclose this information. Because Aria and Ezra have had some previous contact and he has a sincere interest in her, it can be assumed that he is a bit of a romantic pursuit rather than a stalker.

There is no indication that he is attempting to threaten or harm her in any way.

Who was stalking Alison before she went missing?

Before Alison went missing, it was revealed that she was being stalked by a mysterious figure known as “A”. A was a figure shrouded in secrecy and their motives were unknown. It is suggested that A was motivated by revenge and was out to get Alison for unknown reasons.

A was the one who sent her the mysterious messages, set up the dolls that eerily resembled Alison and her friends, and sent Alison suspicious texts and emails. A was also the one responsible for the videos that were released, giving Alison and her friends cryptic and foreboding warnings.

It remains unclear who A really is, but it is presumed to be someone from Alison’s past who holds a grudge against her.