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Who owns Popcorn Sutton moonshine?

Popcorn Sutton Moonshine distillery is currently owned by the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine distillery. The late Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton was a well-known moonshiner who lived in Cocke County, TN, and after his passing in 2009, the rights to his recipes were purchased by Ole Smokey Moonshine.

They still sell the original recipe from Mr. Sutton which includes handcrafted recipes of moonshine made from pure, local craft corn. Popcorn Sutton Moonshine is 180 proof, un-aged corn whiskey made from the same recipes and techniques that Mr.

Sutton used. After the original recipe was acquired, Ole Smokey then partnered with Christian Southwest Distillery in Texas, who are preserving the original recipe and techniques used by Mr. Sutton for Popcorn Sutton Moonshine.

The distillery also produces several flavored moonshine products started by Popcorn Sutton, including Apple Pie, Peach, White Lightening, and Original Un- aged Whiskey.

Where did Popcorn make moonshine?

Popcorn made moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains, in the southeastern United States. Popcorn was an Appalachian moonshiner who worked in remote, mountainous regions in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

He was known for using a technique of twice-distilling his whiskey, which he claimed made it smoother and more palatable than traditionally-distilled Mountain Moonshine. Popcorn began making whisky as early as 1933 and continued until his death in 1971.

He used a variety of stills, relying on them to hide his work. His stills were often placed in seemingly innocuous places, like corn cribs, barns, smokehouses, and chicken coops. While Popcorn was certainly not the first moonshiner, his whisky gained notoriety.

In fact, it was so sought after that it was known as “Greenbrier White Lightning” or “Greenbrier Valley White Lightning”.

How much moonshine did Popcorn Sutton get caught with?

Popcorn Sutton, a legendary moonshine producer, was caught with over 1,000 gallons of moonshine by law enforcement officers in 2009. According to reports, the amount of moonshine they seized was enough to fill a tanker truck.

The officers reported finding nearly 1,000 mason jars filled with moonshine, as well as 1,800 gallons of moonshine stored in copper stills. Additionally, the officers found evidence that Sutton had been producing moonshine for several years prior to the bust.

After his arrest, Sutton pleaded guilty to one count of possession of untaxed liquor and was sentenced to 18 months in prison. He died two days after his release in 2009, but his legacy and contribution to moonshine production has endured to this day.

Who is the most famous moonshiner of all time?

The most famous moonshiner of all time is undoubtedly Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton. Sutton’s life as a moonshiner began long before he became famous. Born in Parrotsville, Tennessee, he began distilling moonshine at the age of 15 and continued to do so for nearly sixty years.

He was the quintessential moonshiner — making a name for himself through his skill and artistry.

He made some of the strongest and best moonshine around, and was known as a master of the craft. He was also a gifted entertainer, playing his banjo and regaling drinkers with stories of his triumphs and adventures.

He was occasionally arrested, but managed to escape serious punishment by charming his way out of trouble.

Sutton’s fame grew exponentially when he was featured in television and print stories, and even had his own TV show, “The Last American Outlaw. ” He was the last of the traditional Appalachian moonshiners, and the most famous of all time.

He passed away in 2009, but his legacy lives on.

Who went to jail on Moonshiners?

Several people have been arrested and gone to jail on the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners over the years. These include Josh Owens, an untrained moonshiner who was arrested in Tenessee in 2013 while transporting illegal moonshine in a Tommy Hilfiger-branded truck; Sal Claps, a seasoned moonshiner from North Carolina who was arrested in 2015 for possession of 800 gallons of moonshine; Jeff Waldroup, a North Carolina moonshiner who went to prison for five years in 2017 for possession of a large amount of moonshine and for other offenses related to it; and Tim Smith, a Virginia moonshiner who was arrested in 2016 for possession of over 1500 gallons of moonshine and for other offenses related to its manufacturing.

Is moonshiner Popcorn Sutton still alive?

No, Popcorn Sutton is no longer alive. He was an Appalachian moonshiner who was born on October 5, 1946 and passed away on March 16, 2009. He became popular in the 1990s after a documentary about him, This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make, was released on PBS.

He was living a self-sustaining life in the mountains of east Tennessee and had been making moonshine for many years. In 2009 he was indicted for moonshining and firearms violations, and he committed suicide on March 16, 2009 rather than face the trial and possible jail time.

He is remembered for his unique style of distilling and for his dedication to Appalachian culture.

Is Popcorn Sutton moonshine still available?

No, Popcorn Sutton Moonshine is no longer available. Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine was infamous for its strong flavor and high-proof content. But the legacy of Popcorn Sutton’s moonshine ended in 2009, when Popcorn passed away.

Fittingly, his last batch of moonshine was distilled and bottled prior to his death. While it is no longer available, the legacy of Popcorn Sutton’s Moonshine still lives on. His recipes and distilling techniques continue to inspire many moonshiners and homebrewers.

And the legend of Popcorn Sutton is immortalized in many books, documentaries, and songs.

How old was Popcorn on Moonshiners when he died?

Popcorn, a beloved character on the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, died at the reported age of 17. The cast of the show, including his partner Tickle, revealed his passing in October 2018. While most of the members of the popular show don’t reveal the exact date of Popcorn’s birth, many speculate that he was born in 2001, which would have made him 17 when he passed away.

While Popcorn’s age at the time of his death is disputed, what can’t be disputed is the impact he had on the fans of the show. Whether they are unfamiliar with Moonshiners or die-hard fans, hundreds were moved by the news of his passing.

A memorial service was held at the TV set and has been documented in several episodes of the show.

Who passed away from Moonshiners?

Unfortunately, one of the stars from Discovery Channel’s hit show Moonshiners, Josh “Cousin Shawn” Yellen, passed away on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. At the time of his passing, Josh was 44-years-old and had been documenting his moonshining journeys with the show since its debut in 2011.

According to a statement released by Discovery Channel, Josh passed away suddenly and unexpectedly due to natural causes.

Prior to appearing on the show, Josh had worked in the logging industry, but it was his knack for moonshining that made him a great reality show star. On the show, it was evident Josh had a passion for making moonshine and was a fan-favorite due to his personality.

Josh was very outspoken and confident, often joking with other stars and displaying his unique personal style and fashion sense. His family and friends often lovingly referred to him as “Cousin Shawn.


Despite the unexpected loss of Josh, many of his Moonshiners family still stay in touch with each other and share memories of Josh. Discovery Channel also released a statement expressing the channel’s condolences to the Yellen family and fans of the show who knew Josh: “The Moonshiners family is heartbroken to learn of Josh’s passing.

He will be remembered for all the smiles he brought to everyone he met and for all the good times the crew shared with him while filming the show. “.

Who made moonshine with Popcorn Sutton?

Popcorn Sutton was a legendary moonshiner from the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. He began producing moonshine illegally as a teenager, utilizing free cornmeal that his father received from an uncle’s farm in Tennessee.

According to legend, local law enforcement started calling Sutton “Popcorn” due to his habit of cornskating (boiling cornmeal in hot grease) while avoiding the authorities. By 1975, Sutton began regularly producing moonshine and selling it in small batches throughout the area, always with a signature cornmeal mash recipe.

Eventually, others caught wind of Sutton’s signature concoction, and demand for his moonshine spread. As Sutton’s fame grew, so did his popularity with famous musicians like Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr.

, Johnny Paycheck and Waylon Jennings, who all enjoyed sipping his renowned moonshine. Popcorn Sutton died in 2009, but his legacy lives on, with bourbon distilleries across the country attempting to create their own versions of Popcorn’s famous moonshine recipe.

What happened to popcorn from Moonshiners?

The fate of the popcorn from Moonshiners is quite a mystery. In one episode of the show, the popcorn is seen being served to guests at the “speakeasy,” which is a clandestine, illegal establishment that serves alcoholic beverages.

It is not clear where the popcorn came from or what became of it after the guests left the speakeasy. There have been some speculations about the source of the popcorn, but no concrete answers have been found.

Many viewers have hypothesized that the popcorn was sourced from a nearby theater or movie house, as these places often gave away popcorn with the purchase of movie tickets. Others believe that it could have been purchased from a local huckster or street vendor.

Whatever the case may be, the popcorn from Moonshiners has become somewhat of an urban legend over the years, with many people eager to find out more about it and where it came from.

How much moonshine do you get from 5 gallons of mash?

The amount of moonshine you get from 5 gallons of mash will depend on a few factors, such as the alcohol content of your mash, the efficiency of your distillation process, and the amount of water you choose to add to your spirit after the distillation.

Generally speaking, you can expect to yield approximately 1-2 gallons of alcohol from 5 gallons of mash. However, if the mash has a higher alcohol content or a more efficient distillation process is used, the yield of alcohol could potentially be higher.

Additionally, the amount of alcohol can be reduced if you choose to dilute the distilled spirit with water to mellow out the harshness of the spirit. Ultimately how much moonshine you get from 5 gallons of mash will depend on your distillation process, the mash you use, and how you choose to dilute the spirit after the distillation.

Are the Moonshiners real?

Yes, Moonshiners is a reality TV show that follows the lives of authentic moonshiners in Appalachia. The show focuses on homebrewers who produce moonshine illegally using traditional production methods and secret recipes.

The show first premiered in 2011 on the Discovery Channel and has been running ever since. All of the characters in the show are portrayed as real moonshiners and have their own independent businesses that are authentic.

The show has been praised for its accurate portrayal of moonshine production throughout Appalachia and its exploration of the culture and history of the industry. The show has featured many of the same cast members since its first season and is considered a staple of reality TV.

In short, it is safe to say that Moonshiners is an authentic reality show featuring real moonshiners.

How did Popcorn Sutton died?

Popcorn Sutton died on March 16th, 2009, of an apparent suicide. On that day, Buncombe County law officers discovered his body at his home in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. According to reports, officers were responding to the home after receiving a call from a family member of Sutton’s concerning a possible suicide attempt.

Officers reportedly found Sutton’s body in his home with a gunshot wound.

Prior to Sutton’s death, he had been facing a year in prison for federal charges related to illegally manufacturing and distributing moonshine whiskey. Popcorn Sutton had a long history of running a moonshine business as he was a third generation moonshiner.

He was also an important figure in the local culture of Appalachia, having been featured in two documentaries and having written an autobiography. His untimely death ended both his life as a moonshiner and his legacy.

Where is Popcorn Suttons grave?

Popcorn Sutton’s grave is located in the “Popcorn Section” of Concord Cemetery in Hartford, Tennessee. He was buried on March 23, 2009 after his death from suicide a few weeks earlier. The cemetery offers a “Popcorn Sutton Memorial” a short walk from where Sutton is buried, in a clearing overlooking the Smoky Mountains and E.

O. Hill Cemetery. The marker denotes the final resting place of the late legendary moonshiner and reads, “Popcorn Sutton 1881-2009 – Legendary Moonshiner of East Tennessee”, along with a photo of Popcorn in his younger years brandishing a double-barrel shotgun.

At the gravesite, one can find a bronze high-wheel bicycle, a famous mode of transportation for transport moonshine during the time. The site also has a representation of a copper still, honoring Popcorn’s craft.

In addition, near the gravesite, visitors can find Popcorn’s grave marker with a likeness of Popcorn and a quote taken from his “bio-reality show,” The Last One. The quote reads, “The first day I knowed I was beat was the day I shoulda quit.


How old is popcorn?

Popcorn has been around for thousands of years and is believed to have been first used by Native Americans. While the exact age of popcorn is unknown, it is believed to have been used for centuries. Popcorn kernels were found in the Bat Cave in New Mexico that have been determined to be at least 5,600 years old.

Popcorn likely traveled to Europe with the Spanish Conquistadors and from there spread to other parts of the world. The oldest evidence of popcorn has been found in Peru, where the kernels were found hidden in ancient tombs.

This evidence dates back to anywheres between 6,700 to 3,000 years ago.

Thus, while we may not know exactly how old popcorn is, it is clear that this snack has been around for centuries and is likely to remain a part of our lives for many years to come.

How old is JB from Moonshiners?

JB from Moonshiners is 59 years old in 2021. Born on April 27, 1962, the JB on the show is an American reality television star and moonshiner who has appeared on Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners since the show’s premier in 2011.

He joins a long line of moonshiners from West Virginia, where he grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. JB is an accomplished outdoor enthusiast and outdoorsman, a skill he learned from his father at a young age.

An avid hunter and fisherman, JB is also an expert at moonshine crafting and has long been involved in the moonshine business. He often speaks about the history of moonshine, which has been in the Appalachia area for centuries.

JB has appeared in numerous documentaries over the years, along with the Moonshiners series he stars in.

Who invented moonshine?

It is unclear who invented moonshine, due to the fact that it has been produced in some form or another for centuries. For example, moonshiners distilled alcohol and corn liquor in the United States as early as the 18th century.

It was also produced in Scotland, Europe and elsewhere in the world since the early 1600s when it was known as uisge-beatha, which is Gaelic for “water of life. “.

In the United States, moonshine has been an important source of alcohol since the time of the colonists. During the prohibition era, illegal alcohol production and consumption, also known as “shining,” was widespread.

Moonshiners distilled the alcohol using their own stills and transported it in jugs, earning the name “moonshine” due to the fact that they transported and sold it during the night when it was difficult to track.

The practice of moonshining has continued even after the Prohibition era ended, though, it still remains illegal for unlicensed individuals to manufacture or distribute alcohol. There may be some who still produce moonshine for their own personal consumption, but there is no one individual who can be credited for inventing it.