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Who pulled Ali out of the grave?

Ali’s corpse was found and retrieved from his grave by his cousin, Amir. Amir received a vision from Allah instructing him to check Ali’s grave at the Maqbaratul Baqi graveyard in Medina. There, he found Ali’s burial place had been disturbed, and Ali’s remains were missing.

After searching the graves surrounding Ali’s, he eventually found Ali’s body, which was crushed under a heavy rock in an empty grave nearby. Amir then carefully removed Ali’s body and washed him with rosewater as a sign of respect.

He then draped the body in a white sheet and brought it to the Prophet’s Mosque, where Ali was buried with great honor and reverence.

Who was buried instead of Alison in Pretty Little Liars?

Charlotte DiLaurentis, also known as CeCe Drake, was buried instead of Alison in Pretty Little Liars. Charlotte was Alison’s older foster sister, who secretly posed as Alison’s best friend and twin sister, “A.”

After Charlotte’s death, Alison took over the role of “A” as part of her plan to protect her friends. In order to carry out the plan, Alison faked her own death and had Charlotte’s body buried in her place.

Later it was revealed that Charlotte’s death was staged and that she was in hiding for some time before she finally resurfaced.

Who did they bury instead of Alison PLL?

In the hit show Pretty Little Liars, a major plot twist occurs when it is revealed that the person buried in Alison DiLaurentis’ grave was in fact not Alison. It was actually Bethany Young, a teenage girl who lived in Alison’s neighborhood.

She was institutionalized at Radley Sanitarium after attempting to murder a younger Alison. Charlotte DiLaurentis (a.k.a. CeCe Drake) substituted Bethany for Alison in her coffin, hoping that the Liars would believe Alison was dead.

The police eventually find Bethany’s body, and it is eventually revealed that she was murdered by Mrs. DiLaurentis, who was protecting Charlotte and trying to keep her as her daughter alive.

Who was buried in the ground in PLL?

In the TV series Pretty Little Liars, there were a few individuals who were buried in the ground in various locations.

The first person to be buried in the ground was Garrett Reynolds, who was murdered by “A” and buried in a cornfield in Season 1. In Season 3, Jenna Marshall was buried alive in the exact same place where Garrett was buried.

In the Season 5 finale, Alison DiLaurentis was buried in her own grave, which A had dug in order to fake her death.

Shana Fring was also found buried in a shallow grave in the rosewood town square in Season 3.

In Season 7, Noel Kahn was killed and buried in the woods. Jenna Marshall was also buried in the woods, but this time in a glass coffin.

Finally, in the series finale, A.D. is revealed to have been buried in the DiLaurentis family’s backyard.

Why did Mrs D bury Alison?

Mrs D buried Alison because she was trying to protect her family and to keep her from harm. After discovering Alison’s true identity and that she was really Bethany Young, Mrs D was worried about what would happen if the truth got out.

She knew her husband had been involved in Wilden’s death, and she feared the consequences if the police found out. For this reason, Mrs D took drastic action and had Bethany’s body buried in order to cover up the evidence and protect her family.

She also believed that Bethany was still alive and wanted to give her a chance to start a new life, away from Rosewood. In the end, Mrs D’s intentions were born out of love and a desire to protect those she loved.

Who was A before Alison went missing?

Before Alison DiLaurentis went missing, A was an anonymous stalker and tormentor who harassed and threatened Alison’s closest friends and family. A was able to manipulate and blackmail the group of friends with threatening text messages, phone calls, emails, and in some cases, physical confrontations.

A targeted those closest to Alison who held the truth of their guilt surrounding Ali’s disappearance, as well as their other secrets they wanted kept hidden. Although the identity of A had remained a mystery before Alison went missing, many fans have theorized that it was CeCe Drake, although, it was never officially confirmed until the Season 6 finale.

Why did Melissa bury Bethany?

Melissa buried Bethany because she believed that Bethany was a witch. Bethany was a young girl who had just moved to Melissa’s town and Melissa heard rumors that Bethany had supernatural powers. So Melissa, believing the rumors, decided to bury Bethany in hopes of preventing her supposed magical influence from spreading throughout the town.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that Bethany was innocent and that Melissa had misjudged her. Melissa was overcome with guilt and remorse for her actions, and deeply regretted what she had done.

Who did they bury Pretty Little Liars season 7?

At the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 7, the core group of characters, Spencer, Emily, Hanna, Aria, and Alison, believe that they had just buried one of their friends. At the finale, it is revealed that the person they buried was actually The Jenna Marshall, an antagonist and friend of antagonist Charlotte DiLaurentis.

The main characters had thought that the body belonged to Charlotte’s twin, CeCe Drake aka Alison’s “evil twin” and one of the show’s main antagonists, who had gone missing. It turns out that Charlotte, as “Charlotte DiLaurentis/CeCe Drake,” was using a ruse to take Jenna’s body and dispose of it, hoping to escape.

Jenna had passed away due to a fall she had taken after drinking too much on a sailing trip.

Who are they burying in PLL season 7?

At the end of the Season 7 finale of Pretty Little Liars, Jenna Marshall is the one being buried in the mysterious grave. Jenna had been killed at the hands of Noel Kahn, A.D.’s right-hand man. While Noel was apprehended, he was ultimately released due to a lack of evidence linking him to Jenna’s murder.

The other Liars were tasked with burying Jenna’s body in secret, so that they wouldn’t have to explain how Jenna died. This also protected Noel from being implicated in the murder and kept the Liars out of trouble.

Jenna’s body is buried in an unmarked grave in the middle of a field, and the Liars leave without ever knowing who was buried there.

The finale ends with the Liars departing Rosewood, their hometown and the central setting of the series. The final scene reveals that the grave is Jenna’s, although the viewer never sees her body or her grave.

As the Liars leave, they are still unaware of who they have buried – though the audience knows, they remain in the dark. Jenna Marshall was the last character to be buried on the show, and her burial remains one of the biggest mysteries of the entire series.

Who was living in the DiLaurentis basement?

The person living in the DiLaurentis basement from season seven of the TV show Pretty Little Liars was Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin sister. In the series, it is revealed that Mrs. DiLaurentis and Alex had been working together to keep Alex and Spencer apart, as both of them were mysteries to the show’s main characters.

Alex had been living in the DiLaurentis basement while posing as her dead twin sister, Charlotte, in order to observe her biological family and try to break into the inner circle of Rosewood High. Throughout season seven, viewers are given a glimpse at her mysterious appearance and strange behavior, even though she was never seen in the flesh.

Ultimately, it is revealed that Alex has been living in the basement for the duration of the show to keep an eye on and observe the Liars and their activities.

Whose body was found if Alison is alive?

If Alison is alive, then it stands to reason that there was never any body found. It has long been believed that Alison DiLaurentis is alive and while her body was never discovered, theories have circulated that Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis is the one who has been presumed dead in her place.

Charles/Charlotte is Alison’s long-lost twin brother, who had been living as a transgender woman by the name of CeCe Drake. CeCe had taken on Alison’s identity and was living as the presumed dead Alison DiLaurentis.

With this being the case, there was never an actual body of Alison that was ever discovered.

How did they find out Alison was alive?

Surprisingly, the truth about Alison being alive was revealed by Mona herself. Through a series of letters and text messages, Mona had managed to communicate with the other Liars without anyone else’s knowledge.

In the letters, Mona revealed she had been the one to fake Alison’s death, revealing that Alison was alive and they had helped keep her hidden. Through Mona, Alison eventually revealed herself to the other girls, who were shocked but ultimately overjoyed that she was alive after being presumed missing and dead for two years.

Who was the A that was after Alison?

The identity of the “A” who was after Alison in the TV show, Pretty Little Liars, is Mona Vanderwaal – a former friend of the girls who became their arch-nemesis. After Alison went missing, Mona befriended the four remaining girls, only to make their lives a living hell by tormenting them with threatening messages and anonymous pranks.

Mona used the alias “A” to manipulate the girls, sometimes even posing as Alison. It was later revealed that Mona had been motivated by jealousy over Alison, who she felt had more control and power over her social status at school.

Mona’s need for revenge transformed her from a shy and awkward outcast into a scheming and manipulative villain. For many seasons, Mona used her alias “A” to keep the girls in check, but was eventually found out and apprehended by the police.

Although Mona had a tragic end, she ultimately revealed to the girls the truth about “A” and the secrets that had been kept from them for so long. The show eventually revealed many different iterations of “A” which kept the suspense alive up until the series finale.

Who is CeCe Drake’s dad?

CeCe Drake’s dad is never revealed in the series, but fans have speculated that it could be Ted Wilson, the social studies teacher at Rosewood High School. CeCe was an alias used by Charlotte DiLaurentis, the twin sister of Alison DiLaurentis, who was believed to be dead after she ran away as a teenager.

Ted Wilson had a close relationship with Charlotte and was seen as a father figure to her, although it is never revealed if they are actually related. This assumption is further strengthened by the fact that Ted’s daughter was revealed to be Jenna Marshall, making Jenna and CeCe/Charlotte half-sisters.

However, it is ultimately never confirmed who CeCe’s real father is.

Who were the 3 A’s in PLL?

The three A’s in the mystery-drama series Pretty Little Liars (PLL) are Alison DiLaurentis, Mona Vanderwaal, and Charlotte DiLaurentis. Alison was the first ‘A’ on the show and was revealed to be the tormentor behind the anonymous messages sent to the other main characters.

She used the alias ‘A’ to hide her identity and targeted the girls for many reasons, such as Alison’s jealousy of the group’s newfound friendship. Mona was revealed to be the second ‘A’ when she took over the role of tormentor following Alison’s disappearance.

Mona was motivated by revenge against the Liars, as they had made her feel like an outsider during high school. Charlotte was revealed to be the third ‘A’ and was Alison’s twin sister. Charlotte’s motives were more complex and involved a deep personal grudge against her family, stemming from being disowned by her family and sent away to a mental facility.

She used the ‘A’ alias as a means of taking revenge against them by targeting the Liars.