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Who took down Sukuna?

Sukuna, the Supreme King of curses, was taken down by Itadori Yuuji in a battle that lasted for months. Itadori had been entrusted with the Sōma family’s secret technique: the Shinken, a technique that the family has used to contain and suppress Sukuna’s immense power and curse.

Along with the help of the Gojo Satoru and the Jujutsu Sorcerers at the Tokyo Jujutsu High school, Itadori was able to push Sukuna further and further until finally, he was defeated and sealed back into the cursed talisman.

Even in the face of overwhelming odds, Itadori was able to show his sheer determination and dedication and was able to ultimately succeed in taking down Sukuna and restoring peace.

WHO CAN defeated Ryomen sukuna?

The only known individual who could potentially defeat Ryomen Sukuna, the powerful yokai known as the King of Curses, is Yuto Miyamae. Yuto is the protagonist of the manga Jujutsu Kaisen and is one of the most powerful humans in the world.

Yuto has defied all expectations by fusing together with Ryomen Sukuna in an attempt to change fate and become something greater than either of them. Although their attempt ultimately failed, Yuto was still able to display an incredible level of power and determination.

It appears that Yuto is the only one capable of eclipsing Ryomen Sukuna in terms of power. Yuto has a special ability to materialize curse energy which he can manipulate to summon evil spirits and objects from the cursed world.

With this special gift, Yuto is able to locate and control objects from the cursed world and use them to his advantage in battle. Additionally, Yuto has a unique comprehension of the human soul which allows him to identify and manipulate cursed objects, as well as use his own emotions as a weapon against his opponents.

However, it remains to be seen if Yuto can truly defeat Ryomen Sukuna. The two were on even footing during their battle and Yuto ultimately chose to sacrifice himself rather than risk Ryomen Sukuna’s destruction.

It is likely that Ryomen Sukuna is one of the few in the world who could rival Yuto’s power, so only time will tell if Yuto can truly overcome this formidable opponent.

Who killed Sukuna in the end?

In the end, it was Yūji Itadori who killed Sukuna. After Sucana was bound to Yūji’s body, the two formed a powerful bond. Yūji, fearing that he could be consumed by Sukuna’s malign power, decided to take matters into his own hands and challenged the entity.

Through a superhuman effort of will, Yūji was able to take complete and utter control of his body, allowing him to cast Sukuna’s soul back into the shadows and finally, to seal it away with the help of his friends and allies.

In the end, with everything that had been sacrificed and everyone that had been helped, Yūji was successful in defeating the inhabiting evil, once and for all.

Can Gojo beat Sukuna 20 fingers?

No, Gojo does not have the capacity to beat Sukuna with 20 fingers. Sukuna is a powerful supernatural entity with immense powers, whereas Gojo is by no means a match for him. Gojo is certainly powerful and uses his vast knowledge of jujutsu, shikigami, and mythical items in his fight against evil, but he is still quite limited in his abilities compared to Sukuna.

Sukuna is able to use his twenty fingers to summon and control powerful and dangerous curses. His fingers also allow him to manipulate objects, bodies, and minds, all of which Gojo cannot do, making it impossible for Gojo to prevail against Sukuna.

Who is stronger than Sukuna?

There are no definitive answers to this question, as “stronger” can be largely defined in a subjective manner. Strength can be measured in physical capabilities, magic, and psychological power, so it comes down to what kind of strength one is referring to as to who is “stronger.


For example, if one is talking about physical strength and combat abilities, there are characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe who would likely be stronger than Sukuna, such as the Four Rank 5 Cursed Spirits, Yuji Itadori, and the Four King of Curses.

However, if one is gauging psychological power, then Sukuna would likely be considered one of the strongest characters in the entire universe. His cunningness and resourcefulness have been demonstrated on multiple occasions, such as his ability to plan out a strategy that would bring about the resurrection of all the other remnants of his corpse.

Ultimately, there is no single answer to this question as strength is contextual in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. Characters who are “stronger” must be compared and contrasted against the plethora of other powerful characters in the series.

Is yuta stronger than Sukuna 20 fingers?

It is difficult to say whether Yuta is stronger than Sukuna with 20 fingers since there is not enough evidence to make a definitive conclusion. While both characters have formidable powers, Yuta’s physical strength appears to be more powerful than Sukuna’s.

Yuta has been able to defeat multiple foes on his own, including cursed spirits and supernatural creatures. Furthermore, Yuta is a powerful exorcist and is capable of manipulating his environment with his spells.

Additionally, Yuta’s spiritual prowess exceeds Sukuna’s and is able to manifest magical abilities such as teleportation. On the other hand, Sukuna’s power lies in his ability to possess multiple cursed objects, which are enhanced by his increased number of fingers.

However, this power alone is not enough to be able to match Yuta’s combat ability, especially since Yuta has multiple ways of countering Sukuna’s curses. Ultimately, it is difficult to determine whether Yuta is stronger than Sukuna, as it depends on several factors such as environment, superior skill, and strategy in battle.

How many fingers can Yuji handle?

Yuji can handle 10 fingers at a time. He has the flexibility to spread his fingers wide enough to grab larger objects with ease, and the dexterity to pick up smaller objects with just a few fingers. He has extensive experience in various manual labor tasks, so he is able to adeptly use his hands to perform intricate tasks such as opening bottles or digging small holes in the ground.

With his nimble fingers and dexterous movements, Yuji can handle 10 fingers or more with ease.

How strong is full fingers Sukuna?

Full Fingers Sukuna is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series and is considered the strongest of all curse users. His cursed energy is extremely powerful, making him many times stronger than the average Jujutsu sorcerer.

He is able to outmatch and defeat even the most powerful and experienced Jujutsu sorcerers with ease. He also posses a unique type of cursed energy known as Infinity, allowing him to gain infinite power when his cursed energy is completely released.

With his incredible strength, Full Fingers Sukuna is a major threat not only to Jujutsu sorcerers, but to humanity as a whole, as he is the main antagonist of the series. He is a force to be reckoned with, and his strength is unmatched by any other Jujutsu sorcerer.

Who would win Sukuna or Madara?

This is a difficult question to answer since it depends on the context of the fight. Sukuna is a master of Gojo Clan’s Forbidden Techniques, while Madara is a powerful combatant with a wide variety of jutsu at his disposal.

If both combatants were to fight at their full power, then it is likely that they would both be evenly matched. However, if we were to compare the two in terms of their overall skill and experience, then Sukuna may hold a slight edge due to his greater mastery of forbidden techniques.

In any case, it is impossible to definitively answer this question without knowing additional details about the context of the fight and both combatants’ abilities.

Did Yuji lose Sukuna?

Yes, Yuji lost Sukuna in the battle against Mahito. Yuji and Mahito were evenly matched and eventually, Yuji ran out of cursed energy and Mahito seized the opportunity to wound him and take the remaining half of Sukuna.

Yuji attempted to stop him but was too late, and Mahito took Sukuna away. After the battle, Yuji attempted to pursue Mahito but it was too late as he had already escaped.

Is Yuji still strong without Sukuna?

Yes, Yuji is still strong without Sukuna. He has been able to use his own tremendous power when going up against powerful enemies, such as Mahito and Toge Inumaki, without relying on Sukuna’s power. Additionally, Yuji has been able to battle powerful foes like Mahito and Toge Inumaki while relying on his own body and power, further demonstrating his great strength.

It appears that the strength of his spirit and the strong bond between Yuji and Megumi have been essential in allowing him to become such a formidable fighter. Although Yuji was undoubtedly a powerful fighter even before he obtained Sukuna’s power, his current strength and skill are thanks to the tremendous power of his spirit and the bonds he has formed with those close to him.

Is Sukuna still inside Itadori?

Yes, Sukuna is still inside Itadori. At the end of the series, it was revealed that Sukuna’s consciousness had fully merged with Itadori’s and taken up residence in the cursed spirit’s body. As such, Itadori is now the vessel for Sukuna’s power, with the two of them effectively being one.

Although Sukuna’s original form was severed from his body, Itadori’s body is now permanently home to the powerful Shikigami. When Itadori uses Sukuna’s power, Sukuna is still inside him, enabling him to control the curse’s strength.

Does Yuji gain control of Sukuna?

No, Yuji does not gain control of Sukuna in “JUJUTSU KAISEN. ” Sukuna is an ancient powerful cursed spirit who is far too strong for Yuji to control. Throughout the series, Yuji battles against Sukuna in order to protect his friends and the world.

Though Yuji has managed to gain knowledge on how to use Sukuna’s power to his advantage, he is never able to gain full control of Sukuna. In the end, Yuji defeats Sukuna by using a powerful technique called Shibuya Tokyo Exchange, but fails to completely control him.

As a result, Sukuna is sealed away, but his power continues to live on and cause chaos in the world.

Will Itadori surpass Gojo?

At this point, it is impossible to predict whether Itadori will surpass Gojo or not. Gojo’s power and abilities are immense, and Itadori is still developing his own abilities. While Itadori has definitely made some impressive strides in terms of progress, it is too early to say whether he will eventually surpass Gojo.

Itadori has been working diligently to master his Cursed Technique and increase his strength, but he still has a ways to go before reaching Gojo’s level of power. Furthermore, Gojo is an extremely resourceful and strategic person, so his approach and tactics might give him an edge even if Itadori surpasses him in terms of raw power.

To fully answer the question, only time will tell whether Itadori will surpass Gojo or not.

Does Yuji ever get strong?

Yes, Yuji does get strong throughout the course of the series. When Yuji first appears on screen, he has no real fighting experience or skill, simply having the power to control flames. However, as the series progresses, Yuji hones his skills and begins to wield his flames more confidently.

His flame power gradually increases to greater levels, allowing him to create bigger, more powerful flames and use them strategically. Over the course of the narrative, Yuji displays an increasing amount of physical strength, as he pursues training to hone his body and become an even more powerful fighter.

He even learns martial arts and continues to improve his skills. All of these abilities come together and culminate in Yuji growing into a formidable opponent, capable of taking on powerful adversaries.

By the end of the series, Yuji has become an incredibly powerful fighter and confidently takes on opponents of the highest caliber.