Who wrote Black Sheep in Scott Pilgrim?

Bryan Lee O’Malley wrote Black Sheep in Scott Pilgrim.

Where is the song Black Sheep from?

The song Black Sheep is from the album In Utero by the American rock band Nirvana.

Who originally sang black sheep?

The song “Black Sheep” was originally performed by Gin Wigmore.

What song plays at the end of Scott Pilgrim?

The song at the end of Scott Pilgrim is “Threshold” by Plumtree.

Is Brie Larson singing in Scott Pilgrim?

No, Brie Larson is not singing in Scott Pilgrim.

Is clash at Demonhead a real band?

Clash at Demonhead is a real band.

Who is the band in Scott Pilgrim vs the World?

The band in Scott Pilgrim vs the World is called “Sex Bob-omb”.

Is the music in Scott Pilgrim original?

No, the music in Scott Pilgrim is not original.

Did Mark Webber sing in Scott Pilgrim?

Mark Webber did not sing in Scott Pilgrim.

What was Michael Cera’s first movie?

Michael Cera’s first movie was a small Canadian film called I Was a Sixth Grade Alien.

Did they make the black sheep for Scott Pilgrim?

It is speculated that the black sheep may have been created for the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Did Scott Pilgrim write Metric Black Sheep?

No, Scott Pilgrim did not write Metric Black Sheep.

What album is Black Sheep by Metric on?

Black Sheep is on Metric’s album Fantasies.

What song does Brie Larson sing?

Brie Larson sings the song “She Said” by The Storys.

Who is Brie Larson partner?

Brie Larson is engaged to actor Alex Greenwald.

How old was Brie Larson in Captain Marvel?

Brie Larson was 27 years old in Captain Marvel.

Did Brie Larson sing Black Sheep in the movie?

No, she didn’t.

Did Brie Larson actually sing?

Yes, Brie Larson actually sang for her role as Wendy in the 2012 movie, “The Musical.”

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