Why did the Sumerians create the plow?

The Sumerians created the plow to make it easier to till the land and plant crops.

What did the plow do to the Sumerians?

The plow allowed the Sumerians to more easily plant and harvest crops.

What were Sumerian plows made of?

Sumerian plows were made of polished stone.

What is the plow used for?

A plow is used to create a furrow in the soil in order to plant seeds.

When was the Sumerian plow invented?

The Sumerian plow was invented in the 4th millennium BC.

Who invented the wooden plow?

A wooden plow was invented by James Oliver.

Why was the invention of the scratch plow so important?

The scratch plow is so important because it was the first plow that could penetrate the hard soils of the Midwest.

What inventions did the Mesopotamians create?

The Mesopotamians invented the wheel, the chariot, and writing.

How did Sumerians plow their fields?

Sumerians plowed their fields with cattle and oxen.

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