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Why does Bellamy betray Clarke?

Bellamy’s betrayal of Clarke is largely driven by his guilt over the choices he made when he was in charge of the people on the Ark. After he took charge of the delinquent group, Bellamy felt responsible for the lives of everyone.

He made the difficult decision to launch the prisoners in the 100 down to Earth, knowing that many would not survive. That burden of guilt is a major factor in Bellamy’s betrayal of Clarke, as he blames her for the deaths caused by her decision to side with the Grounders.

Bellamy also has conflicting emotions when it comes to Clarke. He loves and respects her, but also feels betrayed by her decision to become the leader of the Grounders and make peace with them. It’s these conflicting emotions of guilt and betrayal that ultimately lead Bellamy to turn his back on Clarke when she decides to turn the Grounder army against her own people.

He feels as if she has betrayed him by breaking the promise she made to protect and care for the 100 on the ground.

In the end, Bellamy’s betrayal of Clarke was a desperate attempt to save the group that he had led. He had no way of knowing if his plan would succeed or not, but he was willing to do whatever was necessary to safeguarded anyone who followed him.

Is Bellamy a traitor?

The question of whether Bellamy is a traitor is a complex one and it ultimately depends on the context. From a certain perspective, Bellamy can be seen as a traitor because he has broken laws and made decisions that were not in line with the values of his society.

For example, in the third season of The 100, Bellamy acts against what society deems to be acceptable behavior, such as killing innocent people.

However, from a different point of view, Bellamy can be seen as a hero because he is often fighting for the greater good and doesn’t always follow the orders of people in leadership positions. He is willing to take risks in order to make sure the people he cares about are safe, and he is often willing to question authority and stand up to injustice.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if they believe Bellamy is a traitor or a hero.

Is Bellamy Blake a villain?

No, Bellamy Blake is not a villain. He is a character in the Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction show, The 100. Bellamy is introduced in the first season as the self-declared leader of the 100 delinquents sent to the ground to investigate if the Earth is survivable.

He has a troubled past and, while his actions throughout the show are often questionable, there is a clear morality to them. He is driven by a desperate need to protect those he cares about and to do the right thing, however misguided his methods may be.

He values human relationships, advocating for fairness and dialogue in many situations and using his own strength and cunning to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Despite his many mistakes, Bellamy ultimately serves as a hero and an inspiration to many of the characters in the show.

Why did Bellamy poisons Octavia?

Bellamy poisons Octavia when he finds out that she is leading the Disciples in their attack on the Valley. He is convinced that this will result in the death of his family and friends, and decides he must do whatever it takes to stop her.

He ultimately poisons her because he sees it as the only way to protect his family and save the people of the Valley. He does not want to kill her, but he also does not believe that she will back down from her plan and thus sees this as his only recourse.

He hopes that by poisoning her, it will give him enough time to come up with an alternate plan that will keep everyone safe.

Why did Bellamy turn?

Bellamy turned because he felt immense pressure from the outside world to make a decision that would not only benefit him, but also the rest of the people he cared about. After witnessing the brutality between the grounders and his people, he became determined to find a way to save them all and make sure they could all survive.

He then joined forces with the grounders to fight against the mountain, which caused the deaths of many from both sides, making the decision to turn even more difficult. Despite this, Bellamy was able to hold onto his hope of finding a way to keep everyone alive, and his determination to save the people he loved and protect gave him the courage to make this difficult decision.

Additionally, he began to realize the importance of compassion, love, and respect over violence and hatred, further motivating him to turn and begin the mission to restore peace.

Who is Bellamy’s love interest?

Bellamy’s love interest on The 100 is Clarke Griffin, a fierce leader and medic who is a survivor of the apocalypse that humanity faced 97 years prior. Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is one of the most prominent and beloved storylines on the show.

At first, their relationship was strictly platonic and cooperative in nature, as they worked together to ensure the survival of their group of survivors, the 100. However, as they faced more challenges and grew closer, they soon developed an unspoken, yet growing, level of attraction.

As their feelings intensified, they faced many obstacles, notably Clarke’s feelings of insecurity over her own mortality, but eventually they realized that they had real feelings for each other.

The couple eventually became an official couple during the sixth season, affectionately dubbed, “Bellarke” by their legions of fans. Though they faced some challenges in their relationship, they ultimately remained together until the series finale.

Throughout their time together, it was evident how deeply they cared for and respected each other, as evidenced by Bellamy’s many sacrifices to protect Clarke, and Clarke’s heroics to save Bellamy’s life on more than one occasion.

Their relationship was easily one of the most beloved storylines on the show, with many fans viewing it as a centerpiece of the series.

Who did Bellamy make a deal with?

Bellamy made a deal with Charmaine Diyoza, the former military commander of a prison ship called the Eligius III. Charmaine was introduced as a ruthless criminal in Season 5 of The 100, when she and her crew forcibly take control of the bunker containing the remaining human survivors of the post-apocalyptic world.

Bellamy made a deal with her in an effort to save his friends who had been taken prisoner by her crew. Specifically, he negotiated a deal where Charmaine would free his friends in exchange for resources and manpower to help build a new settlement on the planet, in which they would all reside.

Ultimately, the deal was a success and the group was able to begin building their new society, a society that would eventually be known as Bardo.

Is Bellamy the head or the heart?

Bellamy Blake is an intriguing character in the post-apocalyptic teen drama show The 100. Since the show has aired, viewers have debated whether he portrays the head or the heart. On one hand, Bellamy is often seen as making rational decisions that are focused on the practical elements of their struggles.

He is the leader of his group and a tactical strategist who comes up with clever plans for their missions and obstacles. He is a man of action, focusing on ensuring his group’s safety and survival. Despite his outward composure and calculated approach, Bellamy carries a great deal of inner turmoil due to his past experiences and secrets.

He often puts others before himself, displaying a noble and loyal nature to his friends and family. Although his decisions can sometimes be harsh, he has an undeniable love for those he cares about and values their safety over his own.

It is this duality of pragmatism and compassion that make Bellamy the head and the heart. He is the leader and protector, while also embodying the emotions and passions of humanity.

Did Bellamy come back at the end of The 100?

Yes, Bellamy did come back at the end of The 100. After the supposed death of Bellamy in Season 5, fans everywhere were devastated. However, in the final episode of the series, The Last War, it was revealed that Bellamy returned to the fight after being rescued by the Disciples.

He was brought back in the nick of time to help his friends in their fight against the dark forces. In a surprise twist, Bellamy was revealed to have been extracted from his home back on Earth during his presumed death in Season 5.

Even though it was bittersweet, it was incredibly satisfying to see that Bellamy was able to come back to Clarke and the gang in the end.

Who made the deal with Bellamy?

The deal with Bellamy was made by Diyoza, a former military general from the Exodus ship. After arriving at Earth, she and her people clashed with Clarke and her people over land and resources. Eventually, she saw an opportunity to make an agreement with Clarke and the others, in which she would be allowed to live peacefully on Earth and in exchange, she would provide the defensive weaponry needed to keep them safe from rival factions.

She quickly made a deal with Bellamy, leader of the Sky People, which included the provision of stones and spears they would need to protect their home. She also agreed to help them find land suitable for a settlement, which would become the area known as the Valley.

In addition, Diyoza also agreed to provide medical aid and support in their efforts to make the settlement official. In exchange, the Sky People provided Diyoza with resource maps, technology, and the support of their matriarchal society.

This deal would benefit both sides, and become the foundation of a new society on the ground.

Why did they write Bellamy out of The 100?

The writers of The 100 originally planned for Bellamy to have a large role in season 7, following his downfall in season 6. However, Actor Bob Morley made the decision to leave the show, so the writers opted to write Bellamy out of the narrative rather than recast the role.

The specific story as to why is still unknown, however in a joint statement between Bob Morley and The 100 writers, it was said that “The 100 has always been a show that embraces impactful decisions and bittersweet endings and this is another example of that.

” This statement implies that Bellamy’s absence from the show was intentional and planned in order to give closure to his character’s arc. While it’s uncertain as to why Bob Morley made the decision to leave the show, the writers respected his choice and created an ending for Bellamy that was befitting of a character who had grown and evolved over the course of seven seasons.

Why did Bellamy and Clarke not get together in the show?

Although it’s clear that Bellamy and Clarke had strong feelings for each other throughout the show, they chose not to act on them. This could be due to timing, their different goals and mindsets, or a fear of damaging their close friendship.

Bellamy and Clarke had known each other since they were both very young and grew up together on the Ark, but they had very different upbringings and mindsets. Clarke was raised to be a strong leader and think of the greater good, while Bellamy was seen as a troublemaker, focused more on himself and his own family.

This often caused a rift between them, and each had a different mindset of how to take care of their people and the rest of the Earth.

Another reason that Bellamy and Clarke chose not to be together is because of their roles in their respective storylines. Clarke was burdened with a huge responsibility as the leader of her people, yet was simultaneously the leader of a revolution, and the daughter of a powerful leader.

Bellamy, on the other hand, was a street-smart leader and an important part of his people’s survival. Although Clarke and Bellamy had strong feelings for each other, they both thought it would be better to remain friends in order to focus on the larger mission and provide the best opportunity for survival to their people.

In the show, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship was kept platonic in order to keep them focused on the mission, and for the greater good – a theme that ran throughout the show. Although many fans wanted to see them get together, ultimately it was not in the cards.

Did Bellamy and Clarke like each other?

Yes, Bellamy and Clarke had a complicated and evolving relationship over the course of the show. Initially, Bellamy and Clarke were adversaries, as Bellamy was distrustful of Clarke’s arrival on the Ark.

He often made jabs about her privilege aboard the Ark, but as the series went on, their relationship developed into a mutual respect and appreciation. Clarke looked to Bellamy for guidance and he trusted her enough to entrust her with his sister’s safety.

While they were not officially in a romantic relationship, Bellamy and Clarke deeply cared for one another, as evidenced by their frequent displays of emotion and affection towards each other. Additionally, they consistently put each other’s needs before their own and always chose to work together instead of working apart.

In the end, it was clear that Bellamy and Clarke had a strong bond and felt immense love for one another.

Why does Bellamy believe in the Shepherd?

Bellamy believes in the Shepherd because he sees it as a figure of hope instead of a figure of fear. He believes that if people have the ability to take control of their own lives and make their own decisions, then they can ultimately make the world a better place.

He has seen the Shepherd’s guidance in the past and believes that, if people are willing to listen to the Shepherd’s advice, then it could be beneficial for everyone. Bellamy believes that the Shepherd stands for positive change and motivates people to look towards the future and strive for a better life.

He is not one to doubt the Shepherd, as he understands that the Shepherd’s influence works on a spiritual and emotional level, as it speaks to the heart and soul of those who believe in it. Bellamy is passionate and loyal to those he believes in and the Shepherd is one of those figures that earns his trust.

How did Bellamy see the shepherd in the cave?

Bellamy saw the shepherd in the cave when he and Clarke Griffin ventured down to earth after escaping an impending death wave to find a way to make their people safe. The shepherd was an elderly man tending to some sheep, and he had been residing in the cave for many years before their arrival.

He was weak and fragile, but Bellamy still managed to see him, even in the darkness of the cave. He was partially hidden, indicating that he was trying to remain unseen, but Bellamy still managed to spot him.

The shepherd was in a state of shock after seeing the two of them and was initially hesitant to talk to them, but Bellamy managed to talk him out of his fear and eventually got him to open up about his story.

He finally disclosed who he was and why he had been living in the cave for all those years. Through their conversation, Bellamy and Clarke learned of possible salvation for their people and that the man was a guardian of the secrets they needed to know.