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Why is there a shortage of Barq’s root beer?

There is currently a shortage of Barq’s root beer due to a combination of factors that have resulted in slower production and increased demand. First of all, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on production in factories across the globe, and Coca-Cola, which owns Barq’s, has been no exception.

Many Barq’s suppliers have had to reduce their production levels due to virus related production restrictions, resulting in a shortage of supply.

In addition, increased demand has had a significant effect. As people are spending more time at home, they are turning to comfort food and nostalgia to take them back to happier times and Barq’s root beer has been a popular choice.

This is especially true as many people are avoiding traditional sugary sodas, opting instead for healthier soft drink options such as Barq’s, leading to an overall surge in demand.

Barq’s is aware of the situation and is actively working to increase its production and restock shelves as soon as possible. Until then, the best way to ensure you get your hands on some Barq’s is to check with your local stores, who may have limited supplies from time to time.

Does Walmart sell Barq’s diet root beer?

Yes, Walmart sells Barq’s diet root beer. Barq’s diet root beer is stocked in many Walmart stores, although product selection and availability may vary from store to store. Availability may also depend on the time of year and seasonal demands.

Walmart also offers Barq’s root beer in various sizes, from 20 ounce bottles to 12 packs of 12 ounces cans. Customers can also purchase Barq’s diet root beer from Walmart’s website, where they can have it delivered straight to their door.

Shopping online also makes it easier to compare prices and find deals.

Who makes diet Barq’s root beer?

Barq’s root beer is a popular and long-standing soft drink produced and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. Initially created and marketed by barber and pharmacist Edward Barq and his brother Joseph in 1898, Barq’s root beer was acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 1995 for an estimated $91 million.

Along with their classic variety, Barq’s also produces several flavored varieties, including diet root beer. All Barq’s root beer products, including their diet variety, is manufactured and sold out of the Coca-Cola plant in Biloxi |Mississippi.

What is the diet root beer?

Diet root beer is a type of soda that is low in calories, sugar and fat, but with a flavor and aroma similar to that of traditional root beer. It is generally made with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame or sucralose, as well as spices and flavorings, and usually contains no caffeine.

While diet root beers have a taste that is similar to regular root beer, they lack the creamy and foamy head that is characteristic of the carbonated beverage, due to the lack of sugar. Diet root beers are increasingly popular among those looking to reduce their sugar intake, or those looking for an alcoholic alternative to regular beer.

Does Target have barqs?

Yes, Target does have Barq’s as part of their soda selection. They carry a range of different flavors in different sizes, including Barq’s Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Caramel Swirl Float, French Vanilla Float and more.

Check with your local Target store to see their exact Barq’s selection, as it may vary by location.

Does Kroger carry Barq’s root beer?

Yes, Kroger does carry Barq’s root beer. You can find it in the beverage aisle at most Kroger locations. Barq’s root beer comes in both bottles and cans, and it has a unique and refreshing taste. Kroger also carries other varieties of Barq’s root beer, like Diet, Frozen and Big Time.

You can also find six packs of Barq’s available at select Kroger stores. No matter which flavor you choose, you’ll enjoy the classic full-flavored taste of Barq’s root beer.

Does Barq’s diet root beer have aspartame?

No, Barq’s diet root beer does not contain aspartame. Barq’s is a cane sugar sweetened, calorie-free root beer, so the sweetener is sucralose. Sucralose is a zero-calorie artificial sweetener that is made from sugar.

It is often used as a substitute for aspartame due to its low-calorie content and sweetness. While aspartame has been used in some of Barq’s other products, sucralose is the sweetener used in Barq’s diet root beer.

What is Barq’s diet root beer sweetened with?

Barq’s diet root beer is sweetened with a blend of aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose. Aspartame is a calorie-free sweetener, acesulfame potassium is a calorie-free sweetener that is mostly 200 times sweeter than sugar, and sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener that is 600 times sweeter than sugar.

This blend of sweeteners provides a great taste while still giving you a calorie-free alternative. Not only that, but the combination of these sweeteners prevents the root beer from being overly sweet.

Is diet barqs sugar free?

No, regular Barqs is not sugar free. Barqs contains high fructose corn syrup,along with other natural and artificial flavors. However, Barqs makes several other sodas that are sugar free, including Barqs Root Beer with Splenda, Diet Barqs Red Crème Soda and Diet Barqs Root Beer.

All of these beverages have zero calories, zero grams of sugar and no carbohydrates.

How many calories are in barqs diet root beer?

Barq’s Diet Root Beer does not contain any calories. It is a sugar-free and calorie-free root beer, made with a blend of artificial sweeteners. This popular beverage is made with carbonated water, caramel color, natural and artificial flavorings, phosphoric acid, sucralose (the artificial sweetener), and acesulfame potassium.

It has a lightly sweet and smooth taste, without the calories of traditional root beers.