Why is zombie dust so popular?

First, it is an excellent all-around IPA. It is not overly bitter, and has a nice balance of malt and hops. Second, it is very versatile. It can be enjoyed as is, or used as a base for many different beers. Lastly, it is a very affordable beer, which makes it a great value for the money.

Is zombie dust hazy?

Zombie dust is hazy.

Who makes zombie dust?

3 Floyds Brewing Company.

How strong is zombie dust?

Zombie dust is a very strong beer.

What flavor is Zombie Dust?

Zombie Dust is a citrusy and slightly piney American Pale Ale.

What percent is a blue moon?

A blue moon is 0.076923% of a month.

What percent alcohol is Gumballhead?


How much alcohol is in pseudo sue?

There is no alcohol in pseudo sue.

How many calories does Zombie Dust have?

Zombie Dust has 290 calories.

What is the ABV of space dust?

In general, however, space dust is thought to be relatively low in ABV, typically around 3-5%.

Where is Zombie Dust beer made?

Zombie Dust beer is brewed by 3 Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana.

Is Zombie Dust a real beer?

The beer is real, but the name is not. It is made by Three Floyds Brewing Company in Munster, Indiana.

What is the alcohol content of Zombie Dust?

Zombie Dust has an alcohol content of 5.5%.

Is Zombie Dust hard to find?

It’s not easy to find, but it’s not impossible. Check your local beer store or online retailers.

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