Will there be a second season of Moonshine on CBC?

There has not been any news about a second season of Moonshine being picked up by CBC.

Is Moonshine going to have a season 2?

Creator of Moonshine, Jay Brown has not announced plans for a second season.

How many seasons of Moonshine CBC?

The show Moonshine in the South was on CBC for two seasons.

Has Moonshine been renewed?

There has not yet been an announcement about whether or not Moonshine will be renewed for a second season.

How many episodes will be in Moonshine?

There are 12 episodes in Moonshine.

How is Sammy related on Moonshine?

Moonshine is Sammy’s pet dog.

Will Republic of Doyle return?

Yes, the show was renewed for a fourth season which will air in 2013.

Will there be more episodes of Moon Knight?

There are no plans for more episodes of Moon Knight at this time.

Where does CBC Moonshine take place?

The show is set in Canada.

Was Moonshine shot in Nova Scotia?

While the majority of the film was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia, some scenes were also filmed in New Brunswick, Canada.

Where in Nova Scotia is Moonshine?

Moonshine is located in the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Is Moonshine worth watching?

This show is definitely worth watching! It is funny, yet relatable and has something for everyone.

What is Moonshine on Netflix about?

The Moonshine on Netflix series is about a group of young adults in the Appalachian Mountains who turn to making and selling moonshine to make a living.

Where did they shoot Moonshine?

The show was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Where is Moonshine filmed at?

However, some of the more popular filming locations for Moonshine include Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Is there a season 2 of moonshine?

Yes, there is a season 2 of moonshine.

Is the TV show moonshine coming back?

We do not know if the TV show moonshine is coming back.

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