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13 of the Best Red IPAs, Characters and Brewing Method You May Want to Know

Red IPA is a kind of beer that is dark or may be light red. It has unique characteristics that differentiates it from American Amber Ales. Red IPA uses a variety of hops that give it bold hoppy features.

The BJCP listed Red IPA in the style guidelines in 2015. Read below to know more about this outstanding Red IPA.

Types of Red IPA

Many brewing companies came with different variations of The Red IPA. Several have won awards as the best beer nationwide as well as internationally.

Below is a list of the types of red IPA. They are many. Hence you are not limited to only one. Choose your favorite and try others to see which one you will enjoy more.

Believer IPA

Believer IPA


This IPA substyle is a product of Ninkasi Brewing Company. The believer has a well-balanced, rich malt, and plenty of hops.

These malts combine to produce rich notes of caramel, date, toffy, subtle chocolate, and fig.  Also, there is some little presence of roasted malt. Then, the floral and earthy hoppiness offers an incredible balance to the malt.

When these malts combine with the hops, the result is an incredible, full-flavored, and drinkable beer.

Besides, the bitterness level is 60, and the alcohol content is 6.7%. This double red ale will indeed serve bold drinkers perfectly well.

Fixed Gear Red IPA


Fixed Gear Red IPA

When you pour your fixed gear in your IPA glass, you will notice a glaring crimson note. The head is brilliant rocky white. And the floral and citrus aroma will, without a doubt, excite your smelling senses.

We cannot fail to appreciate the presence of the Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook. These dry hops play an incredible role in giving the best fragrance to this IPA.

The rich amounts of malts combine with the hops to give a well-balanced citrus note. The malts are Two-row Pale, Belgian Dark Aromatic, and 600L Caramel.

Fixed Gear red IPA has a bitterness level of 54 and 6.5% alcohol level. This medium-bodied IPA is for both mild and bold drinkers.



RIPA is a red IPA from Monteith’s Breweries. The combination of floral hops and grapefruit aromas give this IPA an elegant smell.

These aromas balance so well with malt characters, spice hints, and caramel to give the best flavors.

This red amber IPA features an IBU of 42 and an ABV of 5.3%. Hence, friendly and highly drinkable for alcohol lovers.

Pataskala Red X IPA

Pataskala Red X IPA

Without a doubt, this is the unique red IPA type. The co-founder of Stone, Greg, brewed this beer to support arts and music education in Pataskala.

This IPA has a crimson appearance. Red X is a German malt, and that is what generously gives this IPA the beautiful hue.

The hops used usually dry hop the IPA heavily. These hops are the Cascade, Mosaic, and Amarillo. The hops give the IPA a beautiful citrus, biscuit aroma. And when these hops combine with the malts, they balance so well with toffee to provide an incredible smell.

After all the combinations, the results are evocative. The IBU is 75, and the ABV is 7.3%. This moderately bitter IPA is tasty and leaves some dankly beautiful mouthfeel feeling after every sip.

Runoff Red IPA

Runoff Red IPA

Even if you are not a fan of red IPAs, this one will leave you asking for more. As you pour this drink in your glass, you will see a brownish amber red pour. It then leaves a beautiful two finger plumpy head on top of it.

The smell is gorgeous and welcoming biscuits, toffee, and caramel. Some subtle citrus and piney notes then follow, leaving you refreshed.

The malt backbone smells are sweet enough and do not overpower the hop additions.

This Odell product is medium-bodied. It is highly drinkable and leaves an excellent dry finish.

The alcohol content is 6.5%, and the bitterness level is 50. And any drinker will fall in love with this inoffensive beer.

Dawn of The Red

Dawn of The Red

Dawn of the red is a product of the Ninkasi Brewing Company. If your tasting notes are sensitive, you will not fail to taste papaya, mango, and pineapple notes. These flavors then combine with malt flavor and burst out with fresh bitterness.

The moment you take a sip, the mouthfeel leaves you wanting another one as soon as possible.

This IPA is a product of dry hopping. And of course, you can be sure of those tremendous and fantastic flavors therein. The malts in this IPA are 2-row pale, crystal, CaraRed, and flaked barley.

The hops that courteously release the flavors are millennium, Galena, Ahtanum, Mosaic, and El Dorado.

The IBU is 66, and the alcohol content is 7.0%.

Voodoo Ranger Red IPA

Voodoo Ranger Red IPA

The New Belgium Brewing Company did some great effort in this IPA. On pouring, you will see a clear red flow. It then leaves a one-inch head that forms a thick beautiful lace.

The flavors are tasty. You will notice roasted malts. These malts then transition to piney hops. It then ends with balanced sour and sweet malts.

The carbonation is medium-light. The smell is floral but dissipates quite quickly. However, the aromas are really satisfying.

The bitterness level is 70, while the alcohol content is 8%. Are you courageous enough to try it out?

Reviver Red IPA

Reviver Red IPA

Reviver pours a beautiful amber that borders a deeper amber hue. It then sustains a white foamy that stays until you finish the beer.

The moderate malty sweetness is very noticeable on the nose.  A slight caramel note starts then a sweet tasty smell follows.

Melon and citrus aromas blend well with the hops and give it a dank fragrance. As it warms, you will also notice some grassy aroma.

Both the hops and malts combine well to give a moderate bitterness. And after you swallow this reviver beer, you will notice a spicy note behind. Also, you will not fail to recognize some slight bitterness.

Reviver Red IPA is medium carbonated. The IBU is 45, and the alcohol content is 6.2%. Indeed, the beer revives all of your senses.

Midwest Red IPA

Midwest Red IPA

On pouring Midwest Red IPA, you will notice a hazy reddish copper color. It then forms a creamy one-inch finger on top. The foam maintains its retention in the glass until the beer lasts.

The appearance is fantastic, especially when you note the soapy lacing with a little amount of carbonation streaming.

Beautiful aromas of tangerine, apricot, peach, grapefruit, citrus fruits, caramel, and toasted bread will generously strike your smelling senses. What a robust combination of scents.

The taste is citrusy, bread malty, hoppy, and earthy. Some sweet bitterness then follows the tasty flavors leaving your mouth danky.

This medium-plus carbonation beer leaves your mouth dry but balanced. The bitterness level is 60, and the alcohol level is 6.3%.

Conundrum Red IPA

Conundrum Red IPA

The conundrum is slightly red hazy when you pour it in a glass. It then forms a creamy finger head that dissipates quickly. This results to a broken lacing.

On tasting, some piney and citrus with grassy hops strike your taste buds. Then, a nutty caramel follows underneath. These hops well balance with the caramel and give fourth a sweet taste. After the hops’ sweetness, some mild bitterness follows.

This easily drinkable beer leaves a smooth mouthfeel. The carbonation is medium, and it cleans up the lingering bitterness. Its IBU is 55, and the ABV is 6.5%.

Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA

Dinner Jacket O’Red IPA

On pouring, you will see a reddish copper flow. It leaves an off-white creamy head with an excellent retention on top of your favorite IPA glass. The head then fades to a charming foamy lacing that lasts until you finish the drink.

The smell of Caramel, melon, toffee notes and some hint of berries is refreshing.

The flavors of bready malts, toffee sweetness and caramel are outstanding. After swallowing, you will notice fruity flavors. The hop bitterness combines with malt sweetness to give an excellent aftertaste.

This medium-bodied IPA has medium carbonation levels. It leaves a creamy, smooth and dry finish on the palate. And, indeed, you will not fail to enjoy the beer.

Bombay Rogue IPA

Bombay Rogue IPA

Bombay rogue red IPA forms a brownish-red pouring and a foamy thin almond white head. The pouring is also hazy.

Pungent, grapefruit rinds and oranges combine with the hops to form an exciting smell. The toasty malts then unite with this smell to produce nothing less than fantastic aromas.

The taste is that of squished grapefruits and pines. The malt is doughy and sweet.  If you want a medicinal IPA, then this is the deal.

The flavor is cool. However, this IPA is not very easy to drink. It is medium-bodied, dry, and bitter. The amount of alcohol therein is 7.6%, and the bitterness level is 71.

How to brew Red IPA

These are the simple steps to make a Red IPA.


Pale ale malt-17.4 oz

Crystal malt-1.45 oz

Crystal malt 0.9 oz

Dark Munich malt 1.8 oz

Victory malt 0.9 oz


Magnum hops 2 oz at 60 minutes.

Irish moss 1 oz at 15 minutes

Centennial hops 3 oz at 15 minutes.

Amarillo hops 3 oz at 10 minutes.

Dry hops

Centennial hops 3 oz at 0 minutes.

Amarillo hops at 0 minutes.


US-05 Yeast

Step by step

  1. Chloramine your water if need be. Add the malts, then mash at 67 degrees Celsius. Please leave it to boil for 90 minutes.
  2. Raise the temperature to 76 degrees Celsius, then leave it for 10 minutes.
  3. Fly sparge the mash with your strike water. Collect 14 gallons.
  4. Let your mixture boil for one hour. Add Irish moss and hops. Remember to follow the schedules. Lid your mash tun, then start chilling.
  5. Reduce the temperature to 19 degrees Celsius to cool the wort.
  6. Oxygenate the wort. See the guide to oxygenating wort.
  7. Transfer the wort to your fermenter.
  8. Pitch the yeast, then ferment at 19 degrees Celsius.
  9. When fermentation is nearing completion add hops, then raise the temperature to 22 degrees Celsius. Steep for like three days.
  10. After the three days, bottle your beer. And your red IPA is ready for consumption.

Characteristics of the Red IPAs

As we have seen, Red IPAs are quite a number. Each has different features. But, these features are not very far from each other. And, several of these IPA share the same characteristics.

Below are the general features of this IPA.


Red IPA color ranges from light red to reddish copper. If it passes through dry hopping, then filtering happens not to take place; it looks hazy.

The foamy head color ranges from off-white to creamy appearance.


We cannot deny that this IPA smells nice. Pouring it in your tulip glass, fragrances of tropical fruits, citrus, floral, berry, melon, pine, the resin will firmly strike your smelling senses.

In the case that the beer is dry-hopped, you will smell beautiful and intense hoppy aromas.

Also, fermentation releases fresh fruit aromas. Though, it will depend on the kind of yeast used to ferment the beer.

The more robust versions of this red IPA usually have lower alcohol content.


Once your mouth gets the touch of this IPA, you will experience a smooth texture. Carbonation ranges from medium to high. The carbonation is also medium-light to medium body.


Red IPAs taste diligent. However, the tastes will vary depending on the different ingredients used. But, your tastebuds will quickly note the various elements.

The malt flavors can be either moderately low or medium. However, the front palate will experience some good sweetness. The beer then leaves your mouth with toast, toffee, dark fruit, or medium dark caramel characteristics.

Hop flavors can be high to medium. Bitterness ranges from medium to high as well.


Most red IPAs are bitter. Hence may need bold drinkers. The IBU ranges from 50 to 80. So, if you love bitter drinks, the red IPA has you considered in the list.

The alcohol content ranges from 6.0% to 7.1%. Hence you will need to choose wisely. And drink wisely.


In conclusion, Red IPA is a beer that the market has greatly embraced. It meets the needs of, if not all, a good number of drinkers. Hence, if you are a beer drinker, you can be sure you have various choices.

Is there anything else you would wish to know about the Red IPA? Feel free to comment.