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Milkshake IPA

Without a doubt, most people talk about hazy IPAs than any other beer. But did you know that hazy IPAs include Milkshake IPA?

Milkshake IPA is a unique beer. And probably, if it is your first time to try it, you may fail to categorize it. It is sweet, creamy, and enjoyable.

Different companies have brewed this IPA. But how exactly can we define this IPA?

What is a Milkshake IPA?

Combine sugar and milk. Then add it in a hazy IPA. This gives rise to a milkshake IPA. But because we want it tastier and smoother. Hence, we will add fruit flavors.

Lactose and fruit are the primary ingredients in this beer. These components result in a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.  You may fail to note a difference between this IPA and a milk stout.

Fruits increase tartness, candied sweetness, and tropical flavors. Lactose leads to a sweetness that blends perfectly with the high drop hops.

Types of Milkshake IPA

Different brewing companies have come up with milkshake IPAs. These IPAs slightly differ in ingredients. But basically, they are milkshake IPAs. So, read below to see these various types.

Odell Cloud Catcher Milkshake IPA

Odell Cloud Catcher Milkshake IPA

This lush and resplendent IPA has a golden appearance on pouring. The fluffy white head is indeed not far from a cloud appearance. The head settles on charming creamy white foam.

After opening and pouring, the fragrances are incredible. The smells of peaches, cream candy, and hop characters are unforgettable.

The flavors for this IPA are on another level. Your taste buds will enjoy the presence of orange flavors. Then, the amalgam of Cashmere, Citra, and Azacca hops are but beautiful flavors.

Perhaps, the perfect balance will entice you. The mouthfeel is creamy, crispy, and we cannot fail to say it is crushable.

Odell’s Cloud Catcher Milkshake IPA has an ABV of 6.3%. It is drinkable and exciting.

Orange Creamsicle IPA

Orange Creamsicle IPA

Do you love hazy milkshake IPA? Then, Orange Creamsicle Milkshake can be your companion.

It has dry hops that give it great excellent flavors. This is due to the presence of Mosaic and Citra hops. Citrus smells are also present. And they provide some fantastic sour smell.

The taste of oats, barley, and milk sugar mingle so well. They then align themselves perfectly in the mouth. We cannot ignore the presence of vanilla and orange. They have outstanding sour flavors.

The creamy mouthfeel leaves you feeling refreshed. The aftertaste of this 6.5% ABV IPA is blood orange and sweet citrus.

Watch this video to see how you can make one.

The Yard Milkshake IPA

The Yard Milkshake IPA

The yard milkshake IPA is a product of Hopsters Brewing company. Vanilla and lactose marry and deliver a tremendous silky and smooth effect.

It has cinnamon and maple syrup that give it exceptional tastes and smells.

Brewers excellently combine Mosaic, and Denali hops that give outstanding fragrances. What about the presence of pineapple? It is exploding.

Trying this one out for your breakfast will make your day.

ABV is 5.7 %.

This IPA leaves a silky and smooth finish. It is enjoyable and unique.

Tiki Milkshake IPA

Tiki Milkshake IPA

Pour this IPA in your Spiegelau glass. You will notice a nice cloudy orange-yellow pour. It is thick and creamy too. It leaves a one-finger beautiful white head. The head then leaves lovely sticky lace in the glass.

You will feel the presence of malty, hoppy, and citrus smells on the nose. Then, if you are quite sensitive, you may note some little diesel aromas later on.

The taste is sweet. The sweet flavors come from tangerine, pineapple, and guava.

This medium-bodied IPA has a nice though little bitter finish. It is peppery and spicy. You will also not fail to note the smooth and silky mouthfeel.

This IPA has an ABV of 7%, and the carbonation is good.

Big Tom’s Milkshake IPA

Big Tom’s Milkshake IPA

Big Tom is a cloudy golden IPA. On pouring, a great creamy head settles on top. It then leaves beautiful average lacing. And even after swirling, you can still revive its bubbly head.

The dominant aroma is orange with some hint of vanilla. The flavors are the same as the nose aromas. They are sweet and encouraging to drink.

Vanilla beans and orange flavors begin. They then leave lingering vanilla flavors that are semi-sweet.

The mouthfeel is medium, and you may not feel any bitterness. Carbonation is not in excess.

This medium-bodied IPA has an ABV of 7.2%.

Here is a video reviewing this IPA.

Opaque Thoughts Milkshake IPA

Opaque Thoughts Milkshake IPA

Just as the name suggests, its color is opaque yellow. The head is thin white, and it dissipates seconds after pouring. However, the head leaves some little foam on top of the drink.

The aromas are inviting guavas, mango, and pineapple. Lactose and vanilla scents provide some hint of sweetness on the nose.

The flavors of guava, peach, and mango are more noticeable. There are prominent peach, grapefruit, and some bitter hoppiness as you finish the drink.

You can not fail to appreciate the hints of lactose and vanilla wafting across your palate. They warm the flavors and make them more appealing.

This medium-bodied IPA leaves a thick and sticky mouthfeel. ABV is 8%. Since it is dry-hopped, it presents tremendous amounts of beautiful hoppy fragrances.

Guava Mochi Milkshake IPA

Guava Mochi Milkshake IPA

You will see a beautiful orange-yellow color on pouring this IPA. It is very cloudy, and we can say the haziness is double.

It then forms a two-finger white head with nice lacing. The lacing then slowly walks away from your drink.

The smell is typical guava, melon, and mango. Vanilla, slight grass, and graham cracker smells make the beer adorable.

The taste of guava, melon, and pineapple is nothing less but enjoyable. Peach and some hint of grass taste great. The fruits marry with vanilla creaminess and with graham cracker sweetness. These flavors carry the beer all through to the end.

The mouthfeel is medium. Creamy, slight alcohol, and beautiful dry finish crowns everything. The carbonation is on point, and the ABV is 7.5%.

Mood Ring (Raspberry) IPA

Mood Ring (Raspberry) IPA

Mood ring milkshake IPA has raspberry color. It crowns the top of your beer with ivory foam.

The smell is that of raspberries cheesecake. Raspberries then invite lactose. Yeast aromas familiar to pie crust are very noticeable too. Underneath the palate are some cItrus notes.

The upfront tastes are mascarpone that beautifully mixes with citrus fruit notes. Are you a keen drinker? You will not fail to distinguish the touch of orange juice and lemon tart.

In the middle of the mouth are crazy raspberry flavors. When the raspberries come together with pie crust, they give an excellent dessert experience.

The citrus notes and ruby red grapefruit notes get more intense at the end. They give the beer a pleasing bitterness that rubs off the dessert sweetness.

The mouthfeel is medium to full body. There is an extreme richness to this beer that gives it its complexity and fuller feeling.

The carbonation is moderate, and its medium dryness makes you wanting more of it. ABV is 8.5%.

MilkStave Milkshake IPA

MilkStave IPA

This is a product of Tire heads Brewing Company. The concept of mixed fermentation birthed this IPA. This process brings about a tasty and pillowy beer.

On pouring, you will see a hazy golden straw. It forms a two-finger white head that is charming.

The smells of lemon tarts, vanilla, and tons of pineapple are striking. The presence of guava, the touch of lactose and peppercorns give it a well-formulated fragrance.

The taste is not disappointing. Lemons tarts and pineapple flavors are uniquely refreshing. Oak, guava, and vanilla will quench anyone’s thirst. Lactose and hops are of incredible presence.

The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy with a light to medium body. Carbonation and alcohol content are both on point.

Milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPA

Milkshark IPA contains an opaque body. The color is not far from freshly squeezed pineapple juice. A thick white head floats on top then disappears within minutes.

The dominance of ripe and sweet pineapple aromas is refreshing. Also, the presence of resinous hops and exotic fruit is not deniable.

The taste stays true to the scents. Intense pineapple that is pure, not very sweet, but enjoyable is present. Vanilla coats the drink nicely and gives it a unique taste.

The mouthfeel is creamy and yummy. And carbonation moderate.

This dry-hopped beer is hazy, tasty, and with an ABV of 7%.

Together or Alone Milkshake IPA

Together or Alone Milkshake IPA

Are you alone and thirsty? There is a beer that can give you company. And if you have a group, it will still serve its purpose. This is together or alone milkshake IPA.

Hops combine beautifully to produce the best smells. The smell of orange rinds passes slowly through your nose as you drink this IPA.

The taste is excellent. The citrus orange and pineapple never fault to give you the best flavors.

This beer is milky and creamy. The lactose and oats inside this drink blend well and give it a thick texture.

It provides an excellent mouthfeel. The creamy body and dank finish will leave you feeling satisfied.

This IPA has an ABV of 8.5%. It is very drinkable and acceptable to the taste.

Vanilla Shake IPA

Vanilla Shake IPA

Westbrook brewing company came up with this unbeatable vanilla IPA.

It pours a striking golden orange with a hazy glow. At the top of your glass is a two-finger frothy and heavy head. The lacing is beautiful; dancing around your glass hence elevates your appetite.

Pineapple, mango, and vanilla combine to form an excellent nose experience. What follows is a grassy smell at the back. It contrasts the previous nose experience remarkably.

The first flavor you get is mango, then papaya follows. Pineapple flavors then give way to grapefruit melding. Vanilla flavors closely follow tangerine. Then orange creamsicle finishes with a slight bitterness.

This 7% ABV IPA has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Carbonation is manageable.

Orange Chantilly Milkshake IPA

Orange Chantilly Milkshake IPA

This beer pours a hazy straw orange in clear glass. It then forms a clear white head that is a finger size.

This Orange Chantilly Milkshake IPA bursts with pure orange aromas. They are refreshing and very delicious.

While such beers push excess hop profiles, this one is excellent. Every component has the correct amount.

The smell is zesty orange and sweet vanilla.

The taste is exactly what your nose gets. All the way, you will get an orange dreamsicle and an outstanding balance of vanilla and orange.

The hops provide an excellent base under the palate. And the flavors are just prevalent.

The mouthfeel is light, creamy, and slightly dry finish. There are no artificial flavors inside.

Grovestand Milkshake IPA

Grovestand Milkshake IPA

Goovestand IPA showcases a beautiful golden copper color on pouring. Then, it forms a two-finger white head. The head retreats after a few minutes. Though, it leaves behind a memorable webbing lace on your glass.

Smells of citrus fruits, tropical and vanilla burst out refreshingly.

The tastes stand out. The orange citrus flavors prepare your palate for the drink. The slight bitterness at the end crowns every bit of the flavors.

There is a clean finish that welcomes long-lasting orange flavors.

This medium-bodied IPA leaves a smooth mouthfeel. ABV is 6.5%. It has no astringency, and it is very drinkable.

How to make milkshake IPA

Below is a simple way you can try to make an outstanding milkshake IPA.


Add water to your brewing kettle. You can add 8 gallons. However, you can adjust according to your needs.

The grains

You will need;

  • 9 oz pilsner
  • 72 oz white wheat malt
  • 14 oz flaked oats
  • 5 oz honey malt

Adjust the Ph of the water to about 5.3. Mash the grains in the brewing kettle. Leave it for one hour to rip at 155F.

Hop additions and boiling

Add 1 oz Lorah hops at ten minutes to the boiling.

Also, add 1 lb milk sugar at 10 minutes left for the boiling to complete.

Cool the wort to 70F and whirlpool.

Steep more Lorah hops, around 8 oz at 20 minutes.


Complete the boiling and steeping, then cool the wort to 70F. Pitch a package of imperial A24 yeast.

Leave the beer to ferment for eight days under the 70F temperature.

And that is the simplest milkshake IPA.

Do you prefer watching? Here is a video for more detailed steps.

In conclusion, a milkshake IPA is a drink that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Do you want it for your breakfast? Yes, you can. Even after a long day, you can cool your nerves with it.

It is an IPA that is drinkable. And anyone can find it interesting. The characteristics are encouraging. And unlike other IPAs, this one adds nutrients to the body.