What state did shrimp and grits originate?

The first record of shrimp and grits being served together comes from a Lowcountry cookbook from the late 1800s.

Who invented shrimp and grits?

Although it is not known for certain who invented shrimp and grits, it is thought to have originated in the southern United States.

What state is known for grits?

Grits are popular in the Southern United States.

Is shrimp and grits a Southern thing?

Shrimp and grits are a traditional dish from the Lowcountry region of the Southern United States.

Is New Orleans known for shrimp and grits?

Yes, New Orleans is known for serving shrimp and grits. This dish is usually made with smoked sausage, shrimp, and grits.

Where did grits come from?

Grits originated with Native Americans in the southeastern United States.

Are grits a Native American food?

However, it is generally accepted that grits are of African origin, and were brought to the Americas by enslaved Africans.

Why do people put milk in grits?

Milk in grits is a tradition in the Southern United States. It is often served as a breakfast dish.

Is it better to make grits with milk or water?

Making grits with milk results in a richer flavor, while using water results in a more savory dish.

What is the secret to good grits?

The secret to good grits is to cook them slowly and at a low temperature. This allows the grits to absorb the water and become soft and creamy.

Does milk make grits thicker?

Milk may make grits thicker, but it also may make them more watery.

What can I add to grits for flavor?

There are a variety of things you can add to grits for flavor, including cheese, salt, pepper, butter, bacon, and sausage.

Are grits healthy for you?

Grits are a healthy food for most people. They are a good source of grains, which are important for a healthy diet.

Can you eat grits with milk?


How does Waffle House make their grits?

Waffle House cooks their grits in a large pot on the stovetop. They typically use butter, salt, and water to cook the grits.

Can you use milk in instant grits?

Yes, you can use milk in instant grits.

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