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When was the first black Superman created?

The first black Superman was created in 1973 by writer Dwayne McDuffie and artist Michael Davis. The character was known as John Henry Irons, or simply “Steel”, and first appeared in All-Star Squadron #25.

He was created in response to the growing demand for more racially diverse comic book characters and to provide a role model for the African American community. As character, Steel is a former U. S. Air Force engineer turned superhero after the death of his friend, and once fought alongside Superman to save Metropolis.

He has both the strength of Superman but also the same unwavering morality and commitment to fighting for justice. Over the years, he has become an increasingly important player in the DC universe and even been featured in various animated series.

Has there ever been a black Superman in the comics?

Yes, there have been multiple iterations of a black Superman in the comics. The most notable was a version of Superman from Earth-23, an alternate universe version of Earth. He was known as Calvin Ellis and was president of the United States in addition to being Superman.

He was first introduced in the 2008 miniseries Final Crisis, written by Grant Morrison.

In addition to Calvin, other incarnations of a black Superman have also appeared in the Superman comics. In 2018, DC Comics introduced a black Superman known as Val Zod as part of the Earth-2 universe, a universe populated entirely by alternate versions of existing characters.

The character was created as part of the New 52 initiative in an attempt to increase diversity in the DC comics universe.

Most recently, DC released a comic in 2021 with a black Superman as the protagonist. This new version of Superman is a Kryptonian-American from Metropolis, who gets his powers from a genetic experiment in the city’s laboratories.

He is referred to as The Savior, and has quickly become a popular character among fans.

Overall, there have been multiple versions of a black Superman over the years, with the latest incarnation being an exciting new addition to the DC comics universe.

Were there black kryptonians?

Yes, there were black Kryptonians. In the DC Comics universe, Kryptonians come in a variety of colors and ethnicities. As part of the attempt to revive classic Superman stories and capture a larger audience, writers like Jeph Loeb, Mark Verheiden, and various others wrote stories that explored various aspects of Kryptonian culture, including the wide diversity of Kryptonian skin colors.

Most notably, the character of Val-Zod (originally introduced in the Earth 2: World’s End series) was specifically established as a black Kryptonian, created to be the new version of Superman for the new Earth 2 timeline.

Val-Zod is a Kryptonian with dark brown skin and short-cut black hair who wears a variation of the classic Superman costume. Other black Kryptonians from the comics, both before and after his introduction, have included Kem-L, Kara Zor-El (Supergirl), Kizo and Maleva.

Outside of the comic book universe, Superman Returns featured a black Kryptonian character in the form of Rok-Korr, portrayed by rapper/actor Michael Jai White. Rok-Korr was a minor character in the film and provided no background info on his race or ethnicity, only receiving a name in the novelization of the film.

What race is Zod?

Zod is a character in DC Comics who has been featured in various comics, TV shows, and movies. His race is not specified in any of these media, leaving it mostly up to interpretation. While Zod appears to have a physical form that is humanoid, some theorize that he belongs to a race of energy beings which would explain why his physical form has changed in various depictions.

Other theories include that he is an experimental clone of the alien species, Kryptonian. Whatever the case may be, Zod’s true race remains a mystery.

Is Black Superman Kryptonian?

No, Black Superman is not Kryptonian. Black Superman, also known as Calvin Ellis, is a character in DC comics universe who is the president of the United States and the Superman of Earth 23. He is the main character in Grant Morrison’s seven-issue limited series, Final Crisis.

While Calvin is similar to the traditional version of Superman, he does not originate from Krypton and does not possess the same powers and abilities. He does possess some super strength, agility and accelerated healing, as well as genius-level intelligence but his powers are not on the same level as Superman’s.

Calvin’s reasons for becoming Superman are different as he uses his powers to make the world a better place and to right injustices rather than simply upholding justice. Despite not being Kryptonian like the traditional Superman, Calvin Ellis is still an important and powerful superhero in the DC comics universe.

Is General Zod Black Superman?

No, General Zod is not Black Superman. General Zod is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. First introduced in Action Comics #242 (April 1958), the character was created by Robert Bernstein and initially designed by George Papp.

The character has regularly featured in the related Superman comic book titles, usually in the role of an antagonist for Superman. General Zod made his live-action debut in the 1978 Superman film as the main antagonist, portrayed by English actor Terence Stamp.

More recently, his appearance has been featured in several live-action adaptations of Superman, including Man of Steel, where he was portrayed by Michael Shannon.

The character of General Zod is an megalomaniac Kryptonian military general, boasting complete mastery of personal combat and the use of advanced Kryptonian weaponry. He often uses a stylized version of the Kryptonian symbol as his personal crest.

As a warmonger out for personal power, General Zod is desperate to find a new home to call his own and gain his rightful power over the world.

In contrast to General Zod, Superman is a Kryptonian superhero, commonly associated with the American comic book character of the same name from DC Comics. Born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, he was sent to Earth as an infant by his biological parents, Jor-El and Lara Van-El, to escape the destruction of their home planet.

Raised as Clark Kent, several years later he discovered his superhuman powers, which would come to be associated with his mild-mannered alter-ego Superman. In physical terms, Superman has much greater physical strength, speed, and invulnerability than General Zod and is able to fly, among other powers.

Moreover, Superman is usually seen as a symbol of hope, justice and overall morality, something which is clearly not shared by the morally questionable General Zod. Therefore, while both characters can lay claim to being important figures in the Superman universe, the answer to the question remains that General Zod is not Black Superman.

What is black Kryptonite Superman?

Black Kryptonite is a fictional rock-like substance that is found in the DC Comics Universe, most notably linked to the superhero Superman. Black Kryptonite is extremely powerful and can be used to change, mutate, or even strip Kryptonians of their superpowers.

This type of Kryptonite is typically found to be unstable compared to other forms like green and gold. It was primarily used to split Superman and his darker half, Bizarro, into two separate entities.

It has also been used to split Doomsday, who was an artificially created monster, into two separate entities—one good and one evil. When used on Superman, it caused his powers to weaken when exposed to it however it has been shown to be capable of different affects on other Kryptonians, like transforming Kryptonians from one form to another, and restoring their powers after they have been taken away.

From this, it can be concluded that Black Kryptonite can be used in a variety of ways and to have different effects depending on the Kryptonian it’s used on. In short, Black Kryptonite is a powerful and dangerous type of Kryptonite found in the DC Comics Universe, most notably linked to the superhero Superman, that can affect Kryptonians in a number of ways, dependent on the individual.

What is the name of the black Kryptonian?

The black Kryptonian is named Jax-Ur. He was a scientist and criminal who successfully launched a superweapon called the Kraken into the planet of Krypton. He was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by the Kryptonian council, the same fate that was meted out to General Zod.

He escaped from the Phantom Zone centuries later along with the other villains, but was eventually recaptured by Superman and re-incarcerated in the Phantom Zone. He has also made rare appearances outside the Phantom Zone in comic books, in which he often serves as an enemy of Superman.

Is Black Adam more powerful than Superman?

No, Superman is considered to be more powerful than Black Adam. Superman has powers that Black Adam cannot replicate, such as invulnerability, flight, superhuman strength and speed, speed reading, and the ability to shoot laser beams from his eyes.

Also, Superman has the ability to manipulate time and space, which Black Adam does not have. Moreover, Superman has access to the energy of the sun, while Black Adam has access to mystical energy. As a result, Superman can channel more energy and thus be more powerful.

Additionally, Superman has access to magical powers that Black Adam does not possess, including shape-shifting and molecular manipulation. In conclusion, Superman is generally regarded as more powerful than Black Adam.

Is Dark Superman a villain?

No, Dark Superman is not a villain; he is a mutated clone created by the villainous supervillain, Lex Luthor. The original Superman, Clark Kent, was accidentally exposed to an energy-absorbing creature created by Luthor, known as Doomsday.

This exposure caused Superman to be mutated into a dark version of himself, with enhanced abilities. Though Dark Superman is still altruistic and heroic, he has a much more violent and dangerous approach to dealing with villains who threaten the safety of the world.

Ultimately, his goal is still the same as Superman’s: To protect Earth and its people from any danger. He is not a villain, but rather a sympathetic character struggling to maintain justice in a world full of chaos.

Is Black Adam Marvel or DC?

Black Adam is a character from DC Comics Universe. Created by Otto Binder and C. C. Beck in 1945, Black Adam is an arch enemy of the superhero Shazam. He was initially created as a counterpart to the hero, but later became a complex antihero whose look, attitude, and motives have changed considerably over the years.

Black Adam is frequently depicted as age-old dark hero who battles tyranny and oppression while seeking to protect his people. His many adventures have seen him clash with the likes of Shazam, the Justice Society of America, Justice League of America, and others throughout the DC Universe.

Who is the black Lex Luthor?

The “Black Lex Luthor” is the nickname given to Serguei Luthor, the Arrogant Billionaire of the DC Comics Universe. He is the leader of the Hyperclan, a superhuman militia from the capital planet of an intergalactic empire who, claiming to be opposed to all forms of slavery, systematically conquered and absorbed other worlds into their own dominion in an effort to create a new intergalactic order.

Initially introduced as an adversary of the Justice League, Serguei Luthor’s ultimate goal was to acquire their full support for his cause. Although technologically advanced, he was eventually defeated by the combined forces of the League, the original Justice Society and the the Global Guardians.

Before his debut as the leader of the Hyperclan, Serguei Luthor was a Human-alien hybrid of unknown origin. His features were inspired by a combination of various races and cultures, and he was a master of multiple forms of combat as well as a wide range of scientific and technological knowledge.

Serguei Luthor was also a master schemer and dissembler, and kept a watchful eye over the Hyperclan while ensuring they never posed a proper threat to the Justice League.

Despite his moniker, he is not related to Lex Luthor, the arch-enemy of Superman, whom he ironically opposed in an effort to stop Lex’s plans of global conquest.

What does Black Kryptonite do to Kryptonian?

Black Kryptonite is a very powerful and dangerous type of Kryptonite. It can have a variety of different effects on Kryptonians, depending on who is exposed to it. In general, it has the potential to cause physical mutations and severe psychological changes, making a Kryptonian much more aggressive and unpredictable in their behavior.

In many cases, it can even turn a compassionate and noble Kryptonian into a cruel and sadistic supervillain. While its effects on Superman are unknown, it has been used to create Doomsday, one of the most powerful and destructive villains in the DC universe.

Black Kryptonite can also be used to separate Superman from his alter-ego, Clark Kent, allowing the Man of Steel to keep his dual identity secret. While it can be a powerful tool to fight against evil forces, it is important to remember that Black Kryptonite can be just as destructive and dangerous to its intended targets as it is to its wielder, so it should only be used as a last resort.