Who is New Belgium owned by?

New Belgium is owned by Kirin Brewery Company.

How much did Kirin pay for New Belgium?

Kirin paid $1 billion dollars for New Belgium Brewing Company in 2019.

Did New Belgium get bought out?


Is New Belgium still employee owned?

Yes, New Belgium is still employee owned.

Who bought out Bells brewing company?

Inbell and Bell’s Brewery, Inc. were purchased by Windy City Distribution.

Who bought Oskar Blues?

Code Beer, a subsidiary of Asahi

How much did Stone sell for?

As it is a natural resource that can fluctuate in value. However, some experts peg the average cost of one ton of stone at around $100.

Who owns Bell’s Two Hearted?

Bell’s Two Hearted is owned by Bell’s Brewery.

Does Coors own New Belgium Brewing?

No, Coors does not own New Belgium Brewing.

What is the most famous Belgian beer?

Delirium Tremens is the most famous Belgian beer.

What beer comes from Belgium?

Some well-known Belgian beers are Leffe, Chimay, and Stella Artois.

Who brews Fat Tire beer?

New Belgium Brewing Company, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, brews Fat Tire beer.

What beer does Bosch drink?

Bosch drinks Heineken beer.

Who makes Blue Moon?

The MillerCoors Brewing Company

Do they still make Fat Tire beer?

ab InBev, the current owners of Fat Tire, do not produce the beer in the US. It is produced in Belgium and imported.

Why is it called Fat Tire?

It is called Fat Tire because it has a wide, soft tread that is designed for riding on soft surfaces like sand or snow.

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